What is email marketing? In order to turn a client into a paying customer, we can use a method that is most productive and still the best. This method is known as email marketing and it is so beneficial to you that if you will use it, then you will see significant changes in your ROI. So, if you run a WordPress website then it becomes necessary for you to collect emails from it. It has been found that:

  • For a lot of businesses, a critical aspect is email marketing, and the percentage of Internet marketers who admit it is 73 %.
  • This method produces ROI and the percentage of marketers who agree to this is 74 %.
  • It is considered as a mode of business communication by 69.7 % of people in the United States who use the net.

Thus, we can say that email marketing is effective. But how does it work? First, convince the individuals to provide their email addresses to you. Then if they give you permission, send emails to them. However, it is not an easy task to convince the people for this. You need to attract the users visiting your site and make them sign up to a landing page that has been perfectly created. Now I am going to give you 10 killer tips for creating a lead capture page in WordPress.


1. Create a static page instead of a page blog-style

A webpage without any categories or tags or time-stamp that you can create in WordPress is known as a static page. If you want to create evergreen content then these are perfect for this. You can use it to create sales, product, service, about, and contact pages.


2. Always keep the permalink of your landing page short

A relevant, sweet, and short permalink of the landing page is much better than a long one. The examples are:

  • …yourwebsite.com/subscribe
  • …yourwebsite.com/jointhegroup
  • …yourwebsite.com/signupnow

It is very easy to remember a short URL. People like this type of URL and because they do not forget it easily, they can return to the site any time by putting the URL in the search engine. It is also possible that they tell others to use this link.


3. Use a headline title that is actionable and compelling

Always create a compelling, actionable, and relevant headline for your site so as to capture email leads.

  • Compelling – In order to convert the users visiting your site into subscribers you need to make a promise.
  • Actionable – By creating a feeling of urgency you can make the visitors sign up without any delay.
  • Relevant – Inform visitors about the exact purpose of the landing page (i.e., for which product or service you designed it) and what it will give to them.


4. Create a copy of your landing page that is exceptional

You need to create a decent copywriting of the landing page in order to give back up to the headline title. Tell visitors about the incentives and irresistible offers that you will provide to them. Along with this tell them also if they will become your website’s subscriber then what will they get. You can hire someone to create a great copy if you can not do it on your own.


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5. Always write a sweet and short copy

When you start writing a copy, keep in mind the following 3 things:

  • There is no need to overload the content with too much stuff so that the people do not like it.
  • Don’t use the best part of the content in the end. Instead, use it in the beginning and then in the middle so that the audience starts liking it from the beginning.
  • Your content needs to be scannable. Don’t use a large number of technical words and write short paragraphs if possible.


6. Make effective use of bullet points

Use bullet points to present important information into parts so the people can understand it easily. Bullet points can play an important role in landing pages. If you will see the landing pages of different websites then you will find that only a few of those have used the bullet points. In order to make the people sign up for the lead capture page, you can use bullet points in its content. Avoid the use of too much information in a single bullet point.


7. Place the sign-up form near the top of the webpage

The visitors will be happy if they find the sign-up form in the beginning whenever they visit the site. In this way, your conversion rate can increase. On the other hand, if the form is placed at its bottom then the users who will visit your site need to scroll down too much. This can change their decision of filling out the form in spite of knowing that you will give them good incentives.


8. Add video content of good quality

If the email landing page contains a video of good quality then it will help you in various ways:

  • The chances of visitors to connect with you will increase.
  • The conversion can increase by 80 %.


9. Use visuals and images of high quality

It will be of so much value to you if instead of writing 1000 words you use a picture. Make sure that the lead pages have relevant images of good quality. While creating a landing page try to include a background image with a nice gradient.


10. Prevent yourself from receiving spam and provide options to opt-out

The kind of stuff that is so disgusting for a website is spam. It is not good if you receive email spam. Make the visitors aware that you do not like spam email. For the visitors who want to opt-out in between, write in your instructions that they are free to do that. It will be good if your privacy policy page includes these instructions.

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