7 things you must consider while buying a laser printer

things consider while buy laser printer

Buy laser printer online has become an easy purchase because of its price that came down panoramically.

For everyone who’s establishing a new home office, the laser printer is a must buy. For a busy office, the laser printer is really important. It consists of the best quality prints and the fastest speed. If you haven’t bought any laser device before, you will be really confused to buy a perfect gadget. For your convenience, we have pilled 7 important things you need to consider before buying a laser printer.


Monochrome or color

The first thing you should consider is your basic need, you must know what kind of documents you’ll print. That’s how you will determine the type of printer that will suit you. If you only want to print invoices and monochrome documents you should buy a monochrome laser printer. If you want to print color documents regularly then buy a color laser printer.


Paper handling

Most printers handle paper in A4 size so, if you want to print paper in A3 size you should look for a specific printer. Always check the printer’s specifications in order to know exactly how much weight of paper it will handle and how many envelopes can be loaded because envelopes and heavy paper can be printed only if the printer has a multipurpose tray.

For a busy office having a lot of papers in the printer is necessary. For this, you have to look for a tray that doesn’t require regular filling. A lot of office printers have a standard tray of 250 sheets. Look for a printer that has a second and third tray also to pacify growing needs.

Also, look for other paper handling features that you need. This includes the ability of a printer to print on both sides of the paper and an automatic document feeder (ADF).



The standard connectivity on all printers is USB but for office use the type of connectivity you should look for is Ethernet. It will make it convenient for you to connect your printer with your router and share it with everyone working in the office. You need to install the printer’s driver on all computers.

Wireless connectivity is the best (up to 802.11n) if you want to connect your printer with your wireless router. If you want your mobile to connect with your printer directly through an app you should look for a printer with Wi-Fi capability.

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Make sure that the printer supports all devices to connect. Cloud services are also available in many printers. It will make it easier to print from anywhere like Google Docs, OneDrive, and other online websites.


Buy laser printer online Easy to use

As all of us are used to the touchscreen on our phones, tablets, and even laptops. So, you should go for a touchscreen printer too. A touchscreen will make it easier for you to negotiate a printer’s menu system.

Ease can also come with other things like the speed with which the paper tray is accessed and loaded.


Power consumption and noise emission

It will be hard to evaluate the noise emission as long as you see a printer working in a showroom. If you are going to purchase a big printer you should really consider this point.

The noise of the printer when its engine starts up is really important. Some manufacturers tag a noise level for different models. You choose the one which perfectly fits in your environment.

Also, consider the power usage. You should select a printer with a deep sleep mode. Also, determine the power it uses when working actively.


Size and easy to install

An office printer is bulky and can be difficult to move around without the help of another person. While purchasing a printer make sure the size you need and your environment in which you want to install it. If you dig deeper there is a chase that you will have a more compact printer with the same functions.

Furthermore, if it is easy to install its toner and load its paper then it will help to minimize your maintenance time.These were the top 7 features you should consider while buying a laser printer. If you want to know more about the printers or you want to read their specifications, use your internet.

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