Establish Your Business In Australia With Visitor Visa Subclass 600

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Are you planning to establish a business in Australia? If so, you must first own a subclass 600 as it lets you visit the country concerning your business. With the visa, you can reside in the country for three months. It permits you to visit Australia only, but you are prohibited from selling any products or services. Till the validity of the visa, you can enter the country as many times as you want. While applying for the visa and till it gets sanctioned, ensure to be outside the country. Through a subclass 600, you can take part in conferences, negotiate contracts, make employment inquiries, etc. Well, here are the eligibility criteria to be followed when you are applying for the visa.

Meeting the health and character requirements.

To get a visitor visa 600, attain the health and character requirements stated by the Australian government. Visit the doctor listed by the authorities who will access all your health parameters. Based on that, they will provide a report stating if you are fine. Similarly, a few clauses are there for character requirements, and the professionals can ask for the character information of your family member. You have to provide all the details as per their need.

Clearing your debts

In case you or any of your family members have taken any loan or financial help from the Australian government, clear them off. If you cannot do it, make some necessary provisions for it. It’s because you have to enclose all the details regarding this in a visa 600 application form.

Having enough funds

Provide proofs that say you have enough funds to reside or support yourself while in the country. How can you survive in a foreign country if you do not have money? So, the officials ask you to provide credentials, indicating you are not dependent on anyone.

The best interest of children

If the visa is not in the best interest of the candidate below 18 years, it will not be sanctioned. The officials evaluate every parameter, and then only the Visa Subclass 600 is sanctioned. So, there is no chance of hiding or providing wrong information.

Performing business visitor activities

Being a business visitor, you have the permission to make employment or general business inquiries. Also, you can negotiate, investigate, or start a business contract. Taking part in the trade fair, conferences, conducting activities as a part of an official government visit, etc., are allowed. But the organisers cannot pay you while taking part in seminars or conferences.
A few things that you cannot do with a visa 600 are selling services or goods to the public, provide services to an organisation, work anywhere, etc.

Be a genuine visitor.

Provide details stating you are a genuine visitor and coming to the country to stay for a temporary period. Also, you obey the stay period and terms and conditions attached with the visa. For better information, the Migration Agent Perth will guide you as they are aware of all these aspects.

Other sections

The visitor visa 600 has many other categories, like tourist visa subclass 600 (apply in Australia), tourist stream (apply outside Australia), Sponsored family stream, Frequent traveller stream, and Approved Destination Status stream.
Now the next section is to consider the aspects of hiring an Immigration Agent Perth. Of course, not everyone is good, so get in touch with the wrong person can get you in trouble. Instead of that, it is better to take some time, understand the factors, and choose the best.

Avoid fraud visa consultants.

While intending to file your application form, many steps are there to be followed correctly and systematically. Many fraud agents are there who can spoil your time and investment, making it difficult for you. With that, if you have to attend a business conference or trade fair, you will miss the opportunity. That’s why; your priority should always be to hire the best, even if it takes some time.

Prefer a registered consultant

Always prefer a Registered Migration Agent Perth who has earned a good reputation in the market. They can give you the proper guidance and will take care of everything. They look after the documentation part, processing interviews, submitting drafts, handling the application form, etc. In the end, you will get a good result when you prefer to hire a registered agent. If the immigration visa process is not handled rightly, be ready to face problems.

Do not hire a freelancer.

Hire a reliable visa firm and not a freelancer as they do not have the right experience. It is the common mistake people commit, following which they do not get a visa. When you hire a Visa Consultant Perth, you would need to pay some fee, but at least you can be sure that they will not get you in trouble. In case of any details asked by the Australian authorities, they will help you, unlike freelancers.

Stay away from companies making fake promises.

It is always better to stay away from people making fake promises. Know about the professionals by reading the reviews given by the top professionals. After that, you can decide if you should hire a consultant from that company or else look for others. Remember only a registered and certified company can fulfil the requirements without wasting time and money.

Research about their background

Have thorough background research and before you are sure of hiring the firm. Visit the website, check the client testimonials, etc., and decide what to do. Consider all the aspects that will guide you to hire the right agent, who will offer satisfying service.
In the end

After knowing the eligibility criteria and the aspects to consider a consultant, it is high time you hire professionals. With that, you can start filling the visa application form and get your visa sanctioned. Once you get it, you can go to Australia and fulfil your business purpose. For more details, you can call the experts any time.