Why Should You Have a Mobile App for Your eCommerce Portal? [7 Benefits]

Do you have an eCommerce portal for your business but are you facing fewer sales? Are you looking to increase your overall sales for your eCommerce business?

One of the strategies to increase your eCommerce business sales is to create an app.

You might be thinking, why should you go for mobile eCommerce solutions if you already have a website? What benefits do you get after developing a mobile app instead of only focusing on your website?

According to CNBC, 72.6% of internet users will access the web only on their smart mobile phones by 2025. As you see an increase in the usage of mobile phones, you should also need to adopt new changes in your eCommerce business to stay relevant and competitive in the market.

Not only this, having a mobile app eCommerce business provides you benefits in several ways. Let’s get to know each in this blog.

What is an eCommerce App?

An eCommerce app is a software application allowing users to purchase goods and services through their mobile devices.

These apps are often linked to an eCommerce website or portal and provide a seamless way for users to browse products and purchase them from their favorite stores.

As eCommerce apps offer multiple features and functionality that help users easily browse, view product details, search products, add items to the checkout cart, and make payments with secure methods, so does the use of eCommerce apps increase today in the world.

In addition, the eCommerce app provides personalized user experiences that make the online shopping of your end-users seamless and worth the time spent. This way, the eCommerce app helps businesses to grow and earn more profit by increasing their overall sales. Using our eCommerce app builder you can easily create a dynamic app that improves the sales of your eCommerce business.

What is the Importance of Mobile Apps in the eCommerce World?

If you have a mobile app for your eCommerce business, you can provide them with a convenient way to shop on the go. You make it easy for end-users to browse their favorite product and purchase them with a few taps on their mobile phone.

In addition, if you have a mobile app for your eCommerce business, it helps you increase your user experience, custom loyalty, and sales, and get a competitive advantage against a business that does not have a mobile app or doesn’t target an audience that purchases from mobile apps.

Let’s understand how mobile apps are important in the eCommerce industry through some of the statistics.

  • Around 77% of US adults have a smartphone, and 53% of people have a tablet. These numbers showcase the importance of mCommerce users.
  • According to Statista, 58.99% of web traffic comes from mobile devices in the second quarter of 2022.
  • 51% of Americans download at least one online shopping app during the peak of the Covid pandemic.
  • According to a report, around 49% of Americans use a shopping app to compare prices before actually purchasing.

These statistics state that mobile apps play a vital role in the eCommerce industry. So, if you are looking to develop an app for your eCommerce software solution, you have taken the right decision. Let’s now know what benefits you get from eCommerce app development for your eCommerce portal.

What are the Benefits of Mobile App Development for the eCommerce Portal?

Here are 7 benefits you get by developing a mobile app for your eCommerce portal.

1. Better Convenience for Your Customers

A mobile app provides your end-users with a convenient way to shop on the go as it allows them to ease browsing and purchase their favorite products within a few taps from their mobile apps or tablets. Mobile apps ease the whole journey of online shopping which results in more sales and overall growth of your eCommerce business.

2. Enhanced User Experience of Your Customers

Designing a mobile app with an intuitive and attractive user interface allows you to provide a better user experience to your end users. In addition, it also allows you to provide proper navigation, ease of use, and an easy payment process that makes each step of the eCommerce journey wonderful.

3. Better Personalization Chances to Get Your Users

Having a mobile application allows you to offer a personalized shopping experience to customers. With personalization user experience, you can give better product recommendations, and it increases the chances of upselling your eCommerce application. Moreover, your users can add the products to the checkout list or add them to the wishlist so they make the purchases later on at their convenience.

4. Increases Customer Loyalty of Your Users

When you provide a mobile app for your eCommerce app, you allow customers to easily track orders and get detailed account information within a few taps. Moreover, you can provide discount coupons and gift cards, which increases the chances of making more purchases on your eCommerce app.

5. Offline Functionality for Ease of Use of App:

If you have a website for your eCommerce business, your users won’t be able to access the store without an internet connection. Whereas, if you have a mobile app for your eCommerce portal, it is possible to provide offline functionality and access to your eCommerce store. So your users don’t have to worry about connection access to browse your eCommerce store and explore their favorite products or services.

6. Push Notifications to Aware Your Customers About New Arrivals

So you have new offers and new product arrival for your customers, it is easy to be aware of your customers with push notifications through apps. On the other hand, with this functionality, you don’t get the eCommerce website. With the mobile eCommerce solution, you can easily alert your customers and even send them personalized offers and special offers to engage them in the application.

7. Integration With Native Device Features

An eCommerce mobile app builder can integrate with native device features such as the camera or GPS, allowing for a more interactive and personalized shopping experience. It allows you to provide a better native user experience, resulting in better shopping.

Overall, a mobile app can provide an eCommerce business with several benefits, including increased convenience and personalization for customers, improved user experience, and the potential for increased sales and customer loyalty.

Now, let’s learn about the challenges you get if you don’t have a mobile application for your eCommerce application.

Challenges You Face When You Don’t Have Mobile App

1. Loss of Competitive Advantage

If you don’t have a mobile application for your eCommerce business, you might fall back on competitors. If your competitors have IIn today’s digital age, many customers expect businesses to have a mobile app. If an eCommerce business does not have a mobile app, it may be at a competitive disadvantage compared to businesses that do.

2. Limited Integration with Native Device Features

Creating mobile websites still has limitations as you cannot provide a proper user experience, which can be achieved through native device features. Whereas, if you have a mobile app for your eCommerce app, you can provide the ultimate user experience by accessing native device features that add extra glory to your eCommerce app. With native device features, you can provide a deep and personalized user experience that drives more sales to your users.


The benefits of having a mobile app for an eCommerce portal outweigh the challenges of not having one. Investing in a mobile app can help businesses stay competitive and meet the needs of their customers in the digital age. So, if you are planning to develop your eCommerce app, we can help you. MobiCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce application development companies, having developed 2500+ custom mobile solutions for clients across the world.