Recovering your Windows password might pose to be a difficult task to achieve if you did not use the right Windows password recovery tool. Often, people tend to forget their window password and the need on how to recover their Windows password arises.

Windows 10 Password Recovery with WinPassKey

However, using the right tool is very crucial if you want to Reset Windows 10 password. There are lots of tools out there, but getting the best one is a herculean task. One of the most effective tools for Windows 10 password recovery tool is the WinPassKey (Windows Password Key).

What is WinPassKey?

WinPassKey (Windows Password Key) is software created to help in recovering Windows password. It is a software design by iSunshare Company. A company whose main aim is to provide qualitative and user-friendly and best password recovery software for Windows, Mac, and Android. You can reset your windows 10 password without losing data or format.

WinPassKey is a tool developed to find a lasting solution to Windows Password Recovery,  be it a forgotten Windows administrators password, Microsoft account password, or domain administrator or user account password.

Features of latest WinPassKey

Some distinctive features make WinPassKey unique, some of which are;

1. It is easy and user-friendly

One of the things that make this tool unique is that you don’t have to be a tech guru before you can use it. The WinPassKey provides a clear guide for its user to follow so they can achieve their desired result.

2. Works faster

WinPassKey works better and faster. Following the set instructions will see the user recovering his Windows Password in minutes.

3. Doesn’t pose a risk to the user’s data

Another feature that sets the WinPassKey apart from its counterparts is its ability to work effectively without affecting user’s data. Most users’ fear when using any recovery tool is that they lose the information on their computer in the cause of recovering their password. However, with the invention of WinPassKey, it erases the fear of losing or damaging your data while at the same time maintaining its effectiveness.

4. High recovery rate

Over the years, WinPassKey recovery tools have maintained its reputation of high recovery rate. WinPassKey have accomplished a high rate of Windows Password recovery, this which has also been confirmed by previous users.

5. Straightforward Interface

WinPassKey has a straightforward interface which enables its users to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB easily without the users have a problem to navigate through it.

6. Suitable for all Windows version

The software is ideal for all windows version ranging from Window XP to Windows server edition 2012, 2016, Window 7, 8, 10 RAID and so on.

This and many more are what distinguished WinPassKey from others.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password?

To bypass Windows password is a walk in the park if you use WinPassKey. Below are the steps to follow to make Windows Password Recovery easier.

Step 1

WinPassKey click next

Download a bootable (Rufus latest version) WinPassKey and install it as you’d install any Windows software

Step 2

WinPassKey select-USB device

After the installation, insert a bootable USB or DVD/CD into your computer and run the application on it. The interface may appear dated, but not to worry, it will still help to recover your Windows Password. After this, a diagonal box will pop up instructing you to choose either USB or DVD/CD. Click on the one you are using.

Step 3

WinPassKey select-USB device

You’ll see a drop-down menu after this instructing you to choose the drive to burn chosen media. Click on the “Begin Burning” button. If you have any important files on your USB, remember to do a backup before burning. This is because WinPassKey mode of operation is to format the USB before it can create a bootable drive.

Step 4

WinPassKey create bootable usb1

You will be notified after the burning process is complete.


Step 5

WinPassKey reset password

Select the Windows operating system and user’s account you want to reset its Windows password. Once this is done, Click on the “Reset” button.

Step 6

WinPassKey click yes

A confirmation prompt link will pop up. Click on the “Yes” button. This will enable you to log in automatically to the preferred user account the next time you wish to try it.

Step 7

WinPassKey enter user details

Another alternative way to creating an administrator account is by clicking on the “Add a user” button. Enter the account details, and click on “OK” once you are done with filling your details.

Step 8

WinPassKey new admin account

Once you are through with creating the user account, you can then log in using the created user account.

Using WinPassKey will leave you a great memory. The problem of the forgotten password is common among Windows users, and this led to high demand for a Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool.

The windows password recovery is an exceptional tool to use in recovering your Windows password. This will even give you the courage to password your Windows to limit access to the third party since you know you have the needed tools with you in case you forget your Windows password. You can easily reset through these steps.

It is therefore worthy to note that WinPassKey is the best suitable recovery tool to tackle a forgotten password. This recovery tool will save you the stress of looking for a computer to use because of a forgotten password and make help in achieving your dreams. Use WinPassKey as a password recovery tool today, and you will be glad you did.