Is the Custom Sticker Business Worth the Hype? Pros and Cons of Custom Sticker Business

If you are thinking about why the sticker designing business is booming these days, then you are in the right place. As stickers are used everywhere from cars to room doors, to laptops and smartphones. These are kind of decorative items that people use on their products to make it more valuable and personal to them.

If you allow your customers to design their own stickers, then you have very less chances that you are losing those customers. In Fact, there is a high possibility that you will gain more customers in a short duration of time, because your stickers act as a mode of advertising your brand.

Keep reading further and explore yourself to all the pros and cons of a sticker business.

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There are many pros to a sticker designing business. There are some reasons why this industry is booming these days. Read further and explore it yourself.

  • Growing Industry:

Sticker designing industry is a booming industry.  The global sticker industry is worth $148.5 Million, and there are chances that it might reach up to $188 by 2028. As stickers are used everywhere in our daily lives. We find stickers on almost each and every product. From cars to laptops, all sorts of products have stickers on them these days.

People enjoy putting stickers on their stuff. It makes the product feel more personal to the user, and also helps them mark their identity via stickers. If you have a sticker design tool, then you must hold on to this industry and grow.

  • Cost Effective:

Starting a sticker designing business is easy as well as cost effective. You can start it in less than $5,000. If you have a startup, then it helps in marketing as well and also helps you fund your startup by gaining you a good revenue. Also, you do not need some fancy equipment to print your stickers. You are good to go with a computer and a good sticker design tool.

It also helps you fulfill your marketing goals. It is one of the easiest forms to start your business from the comfort of your home. To start this business, you do not need a fancy large office to function. It also helps you cut down on marketing budget. Also, selling your stickers online and to local markets helps a lot with marketing to your potential customers.

  • Flexibility:

If you have a product design tool, then it becomes very easy for you to provide your customers with not only stickers, but with whatever customized product they want. Sticker designing is a flexible business because you can decide your materials and products and size for which you want to print your stickers. Paper stickers work best, you just need to make them waterproof for it to stay for a longer duration of time.  Otherwise, it would tear easily and won’t last long.

  • High Profit Margins:

Stickers are used as a decorative item which can be stuck on any kind of product. You can stick it on the walls of your room to your smartphones as well. Thus, it is a meaningful business with high customer retention rate. Once a customer invests its time and money there are high chances that the customer will return for new ones.

Or the same stickers for his different product. It is because the customer gets to choose the sticker, or design for themselves. Which gives the customer the freedom to explore their imagination and helps you gain more revenue.

  • Easy to Scale:

Since it is easy to outsource, the kind of small investment will return you a great revenue. Which means you can increase your sales without even increasing your cost. Also, you can decide the space where your stickers go and of what size and material. You can hire designers from across the world and make your designs unique to gain you more customers. Once your business is online, it becomes easy to scale.

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A sticker designing business also has a few cons, which you need to keep in mind while looking out on all the pros. below are the cons that you need to know if you are into a sticker designing business.

  • Design Skills Needed:

You need to design unique stickers, to help you stand out in this business. Thus, you need to have artistic eyes and hire some good designers across the world, or you should have some designing skills that can help you stay unique for a longer duration of time.

Also, you need to evolve with the time, and make meme stickers for laptops and cars. It works really well these days, but for that you need to have your hands in designing.

  • Competitive Market:

Since it is a booming market, there are many competitors in the market. Especially, if you have a product design tool, then you need to make sure that your designs are safe and unique so that no one copies it. You need to have rights and monopoly on your designs, only then you can stand out in this sticker designing market.

This also means you need to hire good designers from across the globe to help you out with the same. Because to suffice to the needs of your customers, you need to provide them with new stickers periodically. Only then, will they be happy from your business gaining you good feedback.


If you are into a sticker designing business, then you need to know all its pros and cons and only then work further. It is kind of a double sword with less cons and more pros. You just need to make sure that your stickers are valuable to customers from across the world, and people around the world like the kind of stickers that you make.

For that you need to make sure that you hire your designers from all around the world, so that you have a unique collection for your stickers. And having a unique collection of stickers helps you stand the market and gain huge revenue.

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