Get answers to Kahoot bot questions. Everything you should know about Kahoot bot spam answer hacks

What is a Kahoot bot?

Kahoot is an exam hall that is used in schools/colleges to conduct tests, business people, and for the quiz. The Kahoot has a set of questions and the answers to the questions are in various forms such as MCQ, blank filling, and short answer types. As the Kahoot questions are used by many professors to conduct tests, to make tests interesting and the problem-solving boot is used while giving answers in Kahoot. To enter the Kahoot is very simple and effortlessly you don’t have to code or hack the system, just read and follow the steps mentioned in the article. but before knowing how the Kahoot is work:

First, learn about the Kahoot then Kahoot hack

  • To create a Kahoot quiz visit the website Download Kahoot and fill out the given form
  • Select the create option from page
  • signup/login in account, if never used Kahoot before then first create your profile.
  • After login, select the new Kahoot option from the page.
  • As you open the new Kahoot there will be several options like quizzes, surveys, Salesforce NPS Surveys and other forms for creating questions.
  • Now, add the titles to your project, set questions for it, and MCQ. Then select the correct answer for them.
  • At the bottom, there will be adding more questions present, click on the add more to complete all the questions and their options.
  • When you finished adding questions, click on the save and continue entering the parameter, and at last save again.
  • Add the cover photos and click on the done option to complete your project.
  • To start the Kahoot questions game, click on the play menu, now there will appear a screen that has the game pin, after that the game the series of questions will start.
  • To invite participants, send the link with a game pin, after successful login into Kahoot and entering the game pin participants will be able to see the questions on their screen,
  • After the submission of the quiz, or when the time limit is completed, the answers will appear in the bar chart,
  • The bar will be created not only from the correct answer but will also be generated from the speed of submission of the answer, as in a long answer the bar graph will be only from the correct answer.

That’s how the Kahoot quiz/exam is prepared, it is easy to create by anyone. It only required login details, questions, and answers. As the quiz is completed the creator of the quiz doesn’t decide the score it will be auto-generated which saves lots of time.

Now we will discuss how to get the correct Kahoot answer to every single question.

As the answers are present on Kahoot itself so it’s easy to know the answer. We just need to do some extra work to Kahoot hack. To hack answers the thing required is your login details and game pin to enter. It doesn’t require coding, just the game pin.

Follow the mentioned step to spam the Kahoot hack:

  • Get the game pin
  • Visit the website
  • Submit the form when the link open
  • Now, enter the game pin the specific section, and make sure to copy the same.
  • Enter the names and the bots you want to enter in the quiz to spam the quiz
  • After the completion of this, select I’m not a robot
  • Click on the flood option now.
  • Now visit the official site, login into the quiz and you will be able to see the bots as you entered the quantity
  • Start the Kahoot and will be able to see the questions responded to by the bots.

Kahoot answers bot in the chrome extension:

This will allow you to cheat in exams, prank or divert the quiz, and waste time during the sessions. This can be possible through the chrome browser or any other browser. The bots will select the random Kahoot answer and from that, you can easily rank in the quiz.

To get hack answers to follow the mentioned points without missing any details:

  • Install the Kahoot bot on your device
  • Get the Kahoot pin and game pin to enter the quiz
  • Choose the name of bots like bot___ then enter as you like to name them or just number
  • Now enter the number of bots you want to participate in the quiz
  • At the end click on the KASPAM
  • This will help you to spam, hack Kahoot, and rank on the top.

This system is the simplest way to Kahoot hack, this might get some time for the bot to load so wait in the lobby till your bots get ready.

Kahoot hack with Kahoot ninja without subscriptions

  • Visit the website the Kahoot ninja to get free bots
  • Enter the game and name in it
  • Now enter the login details to know the answer to the questions

If the direct visiting site doesn’t work then use this method to hack Kahoot. This is also free of cost and only requires the details to log in.

Kahoot hack with the premium version of Kahoot ninja

This version doesn’t take time to enter the bots in it. This is a premium service that will provide hack answers with help of bots as you enter the login details. The bots will automatically be released within your login in the session

To get the Kahoot answer and to make sure this all-listed method works you need to find the right browser for it first. In probably all cases, the chrome and safari browsers will work but in rare cases, if the method flops then use another browser and try to get the Kahoot answer.


This Kahoot hack will provide answers to you through bots, so the hack answers will get some time. In the Kahoot, the answer is provided in a bar chart which also represents the accuracy, so if you lag or get confused in one of the questions you will be not able to rank. To get the answer quickly select the particular number of the bots otherwise you will get confused while giving the answer.