Choosing to go solar can be exciting for homeowners of all kinds. You can reduce your monthly utility bill while decreasing your carbon footprint. In that case, it’s hard not to appreciate the benefits associated with a solar system. However, how can you convey the benefits to the people around you? How do you make it clear without being a pushy salesperson? 

You may have recently gone solar and want to discuss the benefits of switching to solar. You may have had people look at your solar system and inquire about it. In any case, discussing solar with family and friends who are interested can be difficult for some. This blog will provide some suggestions on the most effective way to communicate your solar experience. You will be able to give pro-solar tips to your friends and family with this blog.

Pulling out your phone to show off your recent savings or displaying your solar panel using your personal experience to motivate others to go solar is among the greatest advantages you can enjoy.

It has a positive effect on the earth and your local community. Solar energy helps to reduce carbon emissions, which helps to create clean air.

Suppose the topic of climate change is discussed with a coworker, friend, or family member. In that case, you’re already ahead because you’ve got your own strategy.

But the environmental benefits aren’t the only thing solar power benefits. Homeowners who switch to solar energy are also aiding in stabilizing the electric grid by generating electricity through their roofs. Relying less on the grid during periods of high demand, such as extreme weather events, can help reduce the risk of blackouts or power outages. Now, let’s look at some solar tips and tricks:

Know your audience

Before discussing solar energy, you need to understand your audience. Knowing their preferences, concerns, and beliefs will allow you to adapt your message to meet their needs. For instance, if they’re looking to reduce their energy costs, you can concentrate on the financial advantages of solar energy. If they’re interested in available tax incentives, you could shift the conversation to that. Their motives may be environmentally friendly, so going to carbon offsets is the best option. Find out their motivations before you smother them in information.

Begin with the basics.

Start your conversation by assessing where your audience is in their understanding of solar energy. While it’s beneficial to review how a solar system operates, we recommend keeping it short and simple. Solar panels, home batteries, and other technologies that convert sunlight into energy can become extremely granular, and it is best to keep them from overloading them with a lot of information at one time.

You can also discuss your experience if you need more confidence in discussing the system’s intricacies. For instance, you could discuss how you came across the solar installation company you chose, how long the process took, and how your system performs after installation. Arise Solar in Delaware is one of the leading solar firms to provide solar services.

Highlight the advantages

Solar energy offers many advantages, such as the ability to lower your monthly utility bills, decrease your carbon footprint, and gain energy independence. If you’ve had your solar system for a while, please provide your before and after statements to give a realistic example of the potential savings.

In addition to the advantages, you can discuss federal and local solar incentives. There’s a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar investments and the state of Delaware tax credit. Both of these could make solar more affordable and boost the ROI on an investment in solar.

Address issues

Like most major purchases and investments, there are likely to be doubts or concerns about it. Some people might be concerned regarding the cost or reliability of solar systems.

Solar energy experts can resolve these issues by providing accurate information. You can also reveal your own experiences, and discuss warranty and maintenance programs.

Solar power systems come with strong manufacturer and workmanship warranties. Reviewing the warranty that came with your system can alleviate your concerns regarding going solar.

Offer resources

After your discussion, offering your family and friends sources could help them understand more about solar energy if they want to switch. This could include videos, websites, or articles explaining solar energy’s advantages. You can also get them in contact with your solar installation firm or any other companies located in your area that are studied and established. Certain solar companies provide referral fees, too.

Help spread the Word and go green!

Talking about solar energy with your family and friends might be difficult, but it’s an important talk to have as we work towards a greener future. Start with the basics, then talk about the good sides of solar energy, and also deal with any worries they might have. Share sources to help them make an informed decision about solar energy and its benefits. Arise Solar Services provides good offers for each referrals.