Five jewellery industry trends to know this season

Fashion is a reflection of people at a certain point in time. It reflects the mentality of people at large but it also sets a forefront for the big mood at that specific age. Gone are the dainty chains, understated earrings and subtle bracelets that have been ruling the jewellery industry for quite some time now. Fashion runways are debuting bold, colourful and creative jewellery this season, signalling the change from subtlety to daring and outspoken mentality. Here are the top five jewellery industry trends to follow this season.

Five jewellery industry trends
Five jewellery industry trends

Open cuff necklace trend has taken the fashion world by surprise. It is a bold piece of ornament that can either be worn as a statement or something upon which you stack more chunky chains and necklaces to get a layered look. The necklace can be worn with both Indian and western outfits to create an edgy look.

Tribal designs in jewellery have been in trend for a couple of years now and rightfully so. These designs give an earthy and rustic look, especially when coupled with prints indigenous to India like Patola, Ikkat or Baluchari. They can also be worn with western outfits to add an Indian signature to them. Add some bohemian style braids to your hair and you are ready to make heads turn.

Chain-link pieces have also been making some noise this fashion season. Whether they are long chains made from smaller links, or chunky necklaces that are bold and in-your-face, chain-link pieces have been dominating. You can find such long gold chain designs in many stores moving fast. These pieces can be worn with anything casual to make a style statement.

Retro fashion is also coming back these days, only a little updated. Huge hoops, chunky bracelets and statement gold necklaces are heavily touted in the runways. You can find chunky necklace designs in gold with weight online to get an idea of their price.

This season, glittering stones are also amping up these accessories. From glittering statement hoops to diamond cuff bracelets, subtle is gone out of trend and bling is in. Pair a statement glittering hoop with jeans and crop top to be club-ready or wear them an off-shoulder dress to draw attention to your beautiful shoulders. Diamond cuff bracelets are wonderful accessories to formal to casual wears alike, bringing a bit of style to any outfit.

Jewellery trends may come and go every season but your personality is something that evolves over a long period of time. Never compromise on your personality in the never-ending chase for fashion updates. Even something that is not a trend now, but catches your personality well, can make you look trendy. Something that is all the rage now might not make you look your best if your personality is not reflected by the accessory. After all, confidence is the best jewellery anyone can wear and that is the jewel you will need to shine. Everything else is just an accessory. Best of luck!

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