You all must have heard about the word renewal visa. Let us look deep into this visa renewal process related to the UAE. Let us take an example of UAE Residence Visa renewal services. You previously had a UAE residence visa and now it is near to expiry. Now, you have a job or business or study to do in UAE so you can’t just skip it all because of this reason. For this issue, you would request the UAE government to extend your stay by the renewal of your visa. In this example, if your UAE residence visa is near to expiry, you will take UAE Visa Renewal services through which you can renew your visa in just a few days.

You must keep in mind that you may have to pay a fine to the government of UAE if you extend your stay in the UAE while your visa expires. You may have to pay a fine for each day that you are living without a valid visa. You also need to make sure that you apply for the visa thirty days before it expires. As the processes are not long so that is why minimum number of visa days is thirty. If you are wishing to travel before, you need to request for early UAE family visa Renewal for your convenience but that application is submitted followed by a different procedure.


Renewal Visa for you

Let us make the process more understandable for you. So, you are a person who has thirty days left before the expiration of the Visa. What will you do? The first step that you will take is gathering the documentation required for the renewal. You must have the following with you:

  • A valid passport
  • NIC
  • Medical Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Reason for stay

The first four are always necessary even when you are applying for the visa as well. But the fifth reason for staying is a topic to discuss. You need to tell the government the reason for you to stay in the country. The reason can be anything from study, work, or running your own business. If you are a student, you need to show the admission slip or documentation requested from your university proving that you are a student here and your degree is yet to be completed. If you are doing a job in UAE visa services, then you must provide your offer letter of proof of your employment to the government that you are currently employed in UAE and the company intends to keep you there for more time as well. The last reason must be the purpose of business and for that, you need to provide proof of your running business to the UAE government. Just that, and you will get a renewal in a 14 days span.


Child Visa Renewal Dubai

Now it is not necessary that only your visa needs renewal. It can also be your child that has an expired visa. For that, you need to have to approach. If the child is dependent on you, he must be less than 18 years old and your job or business must be stable enough to sponsor them as well. The situation changes for older kids and so on but all of this has been covered for you by our advanced Dubai visa services.


Wife Visa renewal Dubai

Not only children but your wife will also have the problem of visa expiration. You can also renew your wife’s visa by providing valid documents that somehow prove that you can sponsor your wife in the future. The documentation remains the same but the proof of sponsorship is provided by you which can be in the form of employment or proof of a business.


Visa renewal Dubai

Dubai is a country that is full of opportunities. The prime reason for people to come to Dubai is its simple and easy visa processes. But some people can make it hard for you to pass through this preliminary stage. We are here to change that. With our Visa Renewal Dubai, you may renew your visa within days. For booking UAE visa services or Dubai visa services, call us today as we have made UAE family visa Renewal easiest for you!