Everything about Juana Ahumada: Wife of Pedro Rivera

When someone becomes a celebrity, life for them becomes very tough and under proper surveillance. People around them are in a dream of knowing everything about them- their personal life, professional life, workspace, vacation, and everything. There is nothing called the personal life of a celebrity.

They become the center of focus for the tinsel town and their stories become the headlines of Page 3. Different celebrities live a very quiet life but most of them fail to hide out from the public. In this article, we would know about every possible detail of a very renowned celebrity from the USA, Juana Ahumada.

Biography Sketch:

  • Full Name: Juana Ahumada
  • Profession: Personal Assistant to Pedro Rivera
  • Known for: The better half of famous personality Pedro Rivera
  • Date of Birth: August 7th, 1980
  • Birthplace: Mexico, America
  • Age: 42 years
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Religion: Christian
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: Mexican-American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricon
  • School: Mexican Public School
  • College: Unity College
  • University: Graduate
  • Marriage: Married
  • Status: House-wife
juana ahumada


Juana Ahumada Wiki:

Juana Ahumada edad is a very famous celebrity. Her birthday is on 7th August in 1980. She is a citizen of the USA. She has got married to the famous personnel, Pedro Rivera. Reports say that she was his PA (Personal Assistant). She has been his PA for more than 8 years.

Hence they share a very beautiful and intimate romantic relationship. And finally, they have agreed to get hitched. Pedro Rivera is a very popular artist; a famous Mexican singer and actor. In this article, we will share intimate details about Juana Ahumada.



Juana Ahumada is a Mexican American. She took birth in Mexico and then moved to America. Hence she has dual nationality- Mexican American. She belongs to a mixed race with mixed ancestry. She worked as a personal assistant to Pedro Rivera, the famous singer, and actor.

Her assistantship was quite long, 8 years. And by that time, she grew an intense relationship with Pedro Rivera. Pedro Rivera is a very well-known multi-talented personality. He is a writer, a producer, an entertainer, and an actor altogether.

Juana Ahumada Marriage Date, Location

On 28th February 2019 Pedro and Juana get married in private. Their wedding venue was Huntington Park in California. It was an intimate private wedding, only the officiator was present in their wedding. However, their marriage was not public at the moment. Pedro announced the news of his marriage at Un Neuvo Da, a popular Mexican TV show, after a few months after the actual occasion.

Juana Ahumada Husband:

Juana Ahumada is married to the famous person Pedro Rivera. Pedro Rivera is a very famous Mexican composer, performer, actor, singer, and record producer. Pedro is 80 years old now. And Juana is the second wife of her husband. Juana is quite young; around 42 years of age.

Juana is the stepmother of Rivera’s 6 children. And she takes very well care of Rivera’s 14 grandchildren as well. Before Juana, Pedro was married to another very famous musician, Rosa Saavedra.


Educational Qualification:

There is not much information about the academic qualification of the personnel. Juana has completed her schooling and high schooling in Mexican Public School. She went to Unity College to complete her graduation. Later on, she started her career as the personal assistant of Pedro Rivera and got married and settled with him.



Juana Ahumada’s natal family details have remained unknown to the resources. No information about her parents’ name, their whereabouts, her siblings, or their whereabouts have been known to us. But, after marriage, everything about her conjugal family is very popular amongst the readers. As mentioned before, she is the stepmother of Pedro’s six children and step-grandmother to her 14 grandchildren. Here is a list of the Pedro Rivera children and a brief detail about them.

Juana Rivera (Pedro Rivera children)

Juana Rivera is born on 31st October 1972. He has been wrongfully convicted three times for murder and rape charges of an 11-year-old Holly Staker in the year 1992. However, he has been proved not guilty.

Pedro Rivera Jr (Pedro Rivera children)

Pedro Rivera Jr.is a very popular Christian singer and Pedro Rivera’s son. He has become very much famous for his worship album Yo Te Agradesco, Yo Le Alabo de Corazon, and more. He debuted in 2002 and has gained huge popularity on social media platforms like Instagram.

Gustavo Rivera (Pedro Rivera children)

Gustavo Rivera is a very famous politician. He is the New York State Senator in Senate District. He was first elected in 2010. Rivera is a Democrat. He completed his graduation degree in Political Science in 1998. He was born on 19th November 1975.

Lupillo Rivera (Pedro Rivera children)

His full name is Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra. But he is more popular as Lupillo Rivera, in his stage name. He is a very famous American singer and songwriter. Lupillo Rivera 2010 won a Grammy for his famous album Tu Esclavo y Amo.

Rosie Rivera (Pedro Rivera children)

Rosa Amelia Rivera is a very popular TV personality on American Television. She is also a businesswoman as well. She has appeared in many popular reality television series like Latina, Famosa, Rica, and more. She is born on 3rd July 1981.

Jenni Rivera (Pedro Rivera children)

Dolores Janney ‘Jenni’ Rivera Saavedra, better known as Jenni Rivera was a very famous American musician- songwriter, and singer. She was also an actress, spokesperson, TV producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She was born on 2nd July 1969 and died on 9th December 2012. In her time, she was the top trending women artist in Regional Mexican music.

Body Statistics 

Juana Ahumada is a very athletic person as well. She has been a fitness freak from her young days. Hence with proper exercise and training, she has maintained her body statistics very well.

  • Height: In cm.- 165 cm
  • Height: In m.- 1.65 m
  • Height:In ft.- 5’5”
  • Weight: In Kilogram- 55 kg
  • Weight: In pounds- 121 lbs
  • Body Measurements: 34-28-40 inches
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Shoe size: 6.5 (US)

Juana is 1.65 m tall, around 5 ft 5 inches in height which is quite standard for a woman. She maintains her body mass index well as well. She weighs 55 kg or 121lbs. Her statistics are also very impressive and attractive as a girl. Her chest-waist-hip ratio is 34-28-40 inches. Juana has a very common Mexican eye pupil color that is dark brown. She has a white blonde shade of hair which suits her personality very well. Her shoe size is 6.5 inches as per the USA scale of foot length.

Social Media Handles:

Juana Ahumada edad is very famous celebrity personnel. She has a very huge fan following in reality. But despite being a successful celebrity, she is not on any social media handle. Juana has no official account on any of the popular social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter.

Juana Ahumada Net Worth:

Juana Ahumada was not this famous before her marriage to Pedro Rivera. After she got married to Pedro Rivera, she has become a very well-known face in the industry as well as to the public. Juana Ahumada has an estimated worth of $400K to $500K. This information has been collected from a very reliable and authentic source.

This huge sum of worth is mostly because of her status as a celebrity better-half and a core member of a renowned family. In comparison to her husband’s worth, Pedro has a comparatively lower net worth. His wealth as estimated by a renowned source is around $200K. But his whole worth has been earned by him by his talent of being a successful and innovative musician.

Web Series and Movies Juana Ahumada:

As of now, there have been no web series or movies that have been made about this famous personality, Juana Ahumada.

Juana Ahumada’s Favorite Things:

Juana is very passionate about different things in life. Her colorful lifestyle and unique choices of favorites make her a very exciting personality. Here is a list of the things that she loves or prefers the most as per the category.

  • Her Favorite Actor: Van Diesel
  • Who is her favorite actress: Emma Watson
  • Juana Favorite Sportsperson: Tiger Woods
  • Ahumada Favorite Sports: Golf
  • Juana Ahumada’s Favorite Colours: Blue, Red
  • Favorite Destination: London, the UK
  • Favorite Hobbies: Writing
  • Favorite Cars: Audi

Contact Details:

Juana Ahumada is a very professional person in real life. She does not want to media to bother her peaceful married life. Hence she has not provided any contact details for her. No official information about her address or phone number has been collected by anyone. She loves to maintain the decency of her life and her private life.


Unknown Facts about Juana Ahumada:

Even after being such a great and renowned star, there are certain facts that people do not know about Juana Ahumada. Some of the most unknown and surprising facts about her are mentioned below-

  1. Juana Ahumada is a stern animal lover. She loves to spend her free time in a vet, playing with the animals.
  2. She was also the superintendent at the School District of Lancaster.
  3. Juana Ahumada was the former Secretary of Education in Pennsylvania. She was nominated by the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf.


FAQs for Juana Ahumada’s Lifestyle:

1. Who is Juanaa Ahumada?

Ans: Juanaa Ahumada is a Mexican-American famous personality, the current spouse of Mexican singer and songwriter Pedro Rivera.

2. Is Juanaa Ahumada and Juanaa Rivera the same person?

Ans: Yes. Juanaa Ahumada is the maiden name of Juanaa Rivera.

3. How old is Juanaa Ahumada?

Ans: Juanaa Ahumada is born on 7th August, 1980. As of now, she is 42 years old.



The above article covers every minute detail about Juana Ahumada, the famous spouse of the popular Mexican musician Pedro Rogera. She is a very humble person who even after being famous loves spending her precious time with her lovely family.