Putting Petrol in Diesel Car Can Have These Effects on The Engine | Here are Some Precautions

petrol in diesel car

Understanding the disaster of wrong fuelling

Wrong fuelling refers to putting the wrong type of fuel in the vehicle. There are two types of wrong fuelling including petrol in diesel tank and diesel in petrol engine. Wrong Fuelling is very common mistake to make. You can get the idea from the fact that approximately 150,000 motorists around the UK become pray to this catch-22 each year. In most of the cases, people who have purchased new cars or those who haveswitched to diesel engine from petrol and vice versa fall prey to this tight spot. Regardless of the type of the wrong fuelling, the aftereffects are parlous and it can surely nip your pocket in the bud- no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Anyhow, in this post we are going to delve into how putting petrol in diesel car can empty your pocket and ruin your peace. Alright, let’s get on with it:

Petrol in a Diesel Car

Well, putting petrol in the diesel car engines is very much common as compared to the diesel in petrol engines. This is due to the reason that the nozzles of petrol filler are super thin and they perfectly fit in the neck of diesel engines. If we spend a moment just talking about the function of diesel, it performs two functions. First, it acts as the driving force of the engine and secondly, it helps fuel pump work flawlessly by tapering off the friction between the components of the engine. That’s the reason why putting petrol into the diesel engine cause a big harm to the diesel engine.

What exactly happens when the petrol is filled inside the diesel tank? That’s one of the most important questions people get asked about. The answer to this question is when petrol is poured into the diesel tank, it brutally increases the friction amongst the different components of the engine. Resultantly, this friction gives rise to the breakdown of these components and consequently the user will stand in the need of a new engine. That’s not gross, that’s how things work.

Filling your diesel tank with the petrol can give a massive stroke to the entire fuel system if not handled with intense care- no two ways about it. Having said that, when petrol is filled into the diesel tank, the amalgamation of petrol and diesel works as solvent allowing the metal parts come into contact and rub together. More components of the fuel system won’t work well and would get damaged.

What you are supposed to do after making this blunder?

So, it’s really important to know what you should do after committing this folly. Keep one thing in mind that right after putting the petrol in diesel engine, you get to minimize the aftereffects. You can’t expect no loss after committing this mistake. Well, the truth hurts. Be that as it may, you can minimize the aftereffects and that’s the same thing you must fix your gaze on. As soon as you realize that you have done this, stop doing whatever you are doing right away. If you are still filing the tank and you have realized that you are putting wrong fuel, stop filling immediately so that the damage may be minimized.

In case you have put the petrol in diesel engine already, don’t start the engine in any case. However, if you have already turned it over, put the brakes on right away and park the car on the roadside. Straight after that, give a call to a wrong fuel expert and let them drain all the fuel out of the car.

Wrong fuelling specialist know exactly what to do in this case and how to do. So, it’s better to contact them and let them take care of the situation. Just turn the engine off and wait for the team to come to your location. That’s not a big ask, is it?

How to fend off this awkward situation?

If you are finding out how you can prevent yourself from committing this big mistake, you need to give all the following things a once over with a fine tooth comb. Let’s get into this:

Be Active and Alert at Filling Station

Just keep your eyes open while paying a visit to the fuel station so that you don’t fill your tank with wrong fuel. Don’t use phone all the time you are around the fuel station. If you are feeling a bit under the weather, avoid stepping inside the fuel station.

Use of Fuel-specific Nozzles

Specialists beat drums for fuel-specific nozzles which allow the entrance of right nozzle for the specific tanks. These nozzles are easily available from the market. So, you are avoid to make use of these nozzles.

With that, get the services of your mind while parking your vehicle in front of the fuel fillers. This is due to the reason that the chances of inserting wrong fuel inside your car increase while you stop your car in front of the wrong fuel filler. It might seem a bit weird to you but this is of utmost importance and many motorists have placed this in the list of one of the big reasons of wrong fuelling.

Fuel pump nozzle colour can hit your wallet

Normally, it has been observed that most of the drivers depend on the nozzle’s colour to decide the fuel type. That being the case, they seem to neglect to look at the signs and end up putting the wrong fuel. Along these lines, make sure you read the label denoting the fuel type.

Keep some reminders in your Car

By the same token it is suggested to keep in mind when you change to a petrol car from a diesel vehicle or a diesel vehicle to a petrol one. What happens is that you become adapted to your old vehicle and slip up on wrong filler while putting fuel in the new vehicle. In order to avoid this situation, you should hold a type of reminders in your vehicle.

Committing a mistake is not a matter of eccentricity as Humans are apt to commit them, but to learn from that specific mistake separates them from all other beings. One must take the act of wrong fuelling as an opportunity to learn. People who have gone through such situations have suggested others what to do and what not to do in case of wrong fuelling. The best way out of this problem is to call the specialised wrong fuelling service instantly and that’s that.