Shimla Unravelled- From Gastronomic Indulgences to Fun Activities

An Indian indulginginto wanderlust needs to description about Shimla. The queen of the hills hold the purity of its natural beauty in snow covered mountains and lush green valleys. The climate is pleasant most of the time except for in the monsoons when high chances of landslides are there. Popular for snow and snow activities so Shimla is best when visited between October to February.

Shim la can be reached by air, train or road. There are many hotels in Shimla serving you the best of hospitality. Shim la hotel booking can be done online. You can check out hotels in Shim la mall road too. There are many places to see and new activities to try in Shim la. If your next holiday destination is Shim la then here is a guide to make the most of it:

1. Toy Train

Toy Train

Hill stations are all the more fun because of the toy train rides that take you through beautiful greenvalleys and snow covered mountains. The railway tracks move in a zigzag and takes you on a joyride. If it starts to drizzle you will see the best of the beauty of it.

2.Shop at the Lakkar Bazar

Shop at the Lakkar Bazar

One of the best to shop in Shimla.If you want to take back some souvenir home then this is the place to spend your money at. You will get beautiful handmade crafts including woodwork artifacts. You may also buy a few winter wears that are not only cheap here but stylish too. The market is the most reasonable of all.

3.Ice Skating

If your vacation collides with the time between Decembers to February then come to this ice skating rink. Asia’s largest openair ice skating rink attracts thousands of tourists every year during the peak of winter. It is one of the most exciting things to try out in Shimla at about a pocket pinch of only 100 to 200 rupees.

4.Rafting at Tattapani

Rafting at Tattapani

Adventure lover should not miss this at any cost. Situated on the banks of the River Satluj it is a perfect rafting experience for tourists. Natural hot water springs and green valleys will enthrall you for its beauty. The fare per head for Rafting is about Rs. 1500.

5.Watch Sunrise At Chadwick waterfall

It is a beautiful sight to see the first rays of the sun to shine upon the waterfall making it glitter like gold. Honeymoon couples flock around the time of sunrise to witness this romantic scene. The way to the waterfall has to be trekked and the way is naturally beautiful.

There are more sightseeing options in Shimla like the Scandal Point, Military Museum, Jakhu Temple etc. But apart from trekking for hours and try out adventure sports you must also try some Gastronomic Indulgences. Yes, the cuisines of Shimla that are going to make you mouth water.

Shimla is famous for its Himachali cuisines. However it is not popular globally. But when in Shimla you should definitely dig into some good food. Here are some dishes you should not return without trying:

1. Channa Madra

Channa Madra

Channa Madra is basically chick peas in gravy. The gravy is thick and looks delicious. The thick yogurt based gravy perfectly mixes with white or black chickpeas to make this enormously tasty dish. It is often served with rice or white bread.

2.Chicken Anardana

Chicken Anardana

This dish is one of a kind and might follow you into thinking about a lot of calories. The look of the whole dish served appears to be very rich, oily and spicy. But surprisingly it is because of the dry pomegranate seeds grounded to make it look like that. Served with hot parathas, the taste of the chicken is perfectly smoke and the tang teases your taste buds little the last morsel.


Hill stations have their special dishes to fight the extreme cold weather. Siddus is one of them. It is made with flour risen overnight with yeast. It may be stuffed with mutton or poppy seeds varying from region to region. Sometimes it is made sweet too. The dumplings are steamed and served hot with ghee.

4.Sepu Badi Madra

This is a homely dish which is now available in eateries too. Sepu Badi Madra or Mukund Badi is a dish prepared with urad dal or chana dal soaked overnight. They are made into a mixture and boiled in water. The dough of the mixture is cut into pieces and fired up. Then it is further cooked in a gravy that gives it a fine texture.

5.Auriya Kadoo

Auriya Kadoo

Made with tuber and red meat, this spicy dish is perfect to eat in extreme winters. Ripe pumpkin and dry mango powder is added at the last to make the dish a bit tangy.

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