Explore the Magnetic Southern part of India – Visakhapatnam

Explore the Magnetic Southern part of India Visakhapatnam

Down south, India is blessed with some of the best locations blended with modern and traditional culture and tradition. Moreover, the southern part of India has options to explore that takes you close to the nature and is vibrant. Be it cities or hill station, you have options to explore. One such place is Visakhapatnam- the Jewel of the East Coast. Also called as Vizag, this city has many things in its kitty to offer for its tourists. From scenic beaches to historical locations, you name it, you have it. With the diverse set of attractions, Vizag aka Visakhapatnam will ensure that you don’t bored of exploring. Whether you want to explore with friends or family, Vizag is the perfect option. Since the tourists’ footfall is increasing, there are enough hotels in Visakhapatnam offering good stay option.

You can also enjoy staying at any of the hotels near Visakhapatnam if you want to have a quick trip and checkout without travelling much. If you are planning to visit Visakhapatnam, then here are few places to visit and things to do-

Enjoy your Day at Borra Caves

Want to explore the natural wonder in India? The Borra Caves in Visakhapatnam should be your halt. These caves were formed millions of years ago. There is a Gosthani River that runs through the area, and if you are visiting during monsoon, you will enjoy stunning natural beauty. Remember, Boora Caves is also the home for bats. Both natural and artificial lighting makes the cave more impressive. Borra Caves was discovered by William King George of the Geological Survey of India. Make sure when you visit this place wear right shoes to avoid getting slipped.

Borra Caves

Visit INS Kurusura Submarine Museum

This museum is the mark of excellence of the Indian Navy by showcasing the efficient submarines used during the war times. Visitors have permission to enter huge submarines equipped with old technology and war items used during war. If you love exploring and going deeper into the world of the navy and want to learn how they spent enough day in the water, then this is certainly the museum to explore. For adults, the entry charge is Rs 40 and for Children Rs 20/-. Make sure to capture every aspect of the museum in your camera.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum

Enjoy at Rushikonda Beach

Located 20km from Vizag, this beach is worth exploring. Since it is a secluded beach, you won’t find many tourists around here. Capture the picturesque 180-dgree view surrounded by greenery and waters. There are some shacks to enjoy the best food. The calm and scenic environment of the place really makes worth to explore. Although it is well-maintained beach, swimming is not allowed. You can enjoy resting at the beach.

Dolphin’s Nose

Most beloved location of Visakhapatnam, Dolphin’s Nose is the perfect location to explore. Dolphin’s Nose name is derived from the shape of rock resembling nose of the dolphin. This location is located 174 meters above the sea level and there is a lighthouse too that gives the panoramic view of the location. If you are visiting in the evening for sunset, then you will certainly get the best view. You can reach this place from any location.

Dolphins Nose

Kailasgiri Hill Park

This the most prominent hilltop park giving the panoramic sea views of the east coast. In fact, one can view the entire Visakhapatnam which is surrounded with lush green. For tourists there are some adventure and fun activity options like rope way trolleys. Also there are several cafes offering good snacks.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Spread over 625 acres of land, this zoological park is named after the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Surrounded by Eastern Ghats on three sides, the zoo is known for its natural ambiance and wildlife. There are around 80 different species including Rhesus Monkeys, Mandrills, Tigers, and Pumas. Make sure don’t miss any aspect of the zoological park.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Ramakrishna Beach

One of the popular beaches of Visakhapatnam, the beach runs along the Eastern coastline of the country. Referred as the Twin Beaches, this beach and the Lawson’s Bay Beach offers great sunset view. For couples this is the best location to explore.

Overall, Visakhapatnam is the best tourist place and shouldn’t be missed while exploring India. When it comes to accommodation, there are many OYO rooms in Visakhapatnam which carry all the luxury. You can select and book any of these hotels in Visakhapatnam in advance and enjoy the discount and good rooms. You can even book hotels near Visakhapatnam in railway station for each travelling. If you are booking in OYO rooms then there “Let the Travel begin with OYO” theme lets you to get discount on booking. Get 50% off + Rs 250 PayTM Cashback. The offer is valid from 15 Nov, 2018 to 15 Jan, 2019.