How to Travel to London? How to apply for student visa in London? A Complete Guide for London Immigration

Are you traveling to London anytime soon? You should be mindful of the latest travel regulations and some other aspects. Students, visitors, and London immigration have quite a few aspects to tick off.

Entry Rules for Travelling to London

  • COVID-19 testing is no longer compulsory for arrival.
  • Quarantine is also not compulsory anymore.
  • You need not fill up a UK passenger locator form upon arrival.
  • It covers visitors and students along with transit passengers.
  • The travel provider may need vaccination proof. You can provide your vaccine certificate or NHS COVID pass (UK only). Other alternatives include the CDC vaccination card (US only). You can also use the EU Digital COVID Certificate.
  • There are no countries on the red list currently.
  • You will only have to stay home if you test positive for the coronavirus.
  • Wearing masks in crowded areas is advisable.

Process of London Immigration Visa and Other Information

  • Students and visitors will need visas for arriving in London.
  • You should check the UK Visas and Immigration site.
  • You can also check with your local British Embassy.
  • Visitor and student visas are available upon application.
  • Entry is only possible for a limited duration. Longer stays will need dedicated visa applications under the right categories.
  • EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals must carry relevant documents.
  • You will arrive at either the Gatwick or Heathrow International Airport. You may also land at bigger regional airports like Edinburgh, Birmingham, or Manchester. Many come into Glasgow as well. Some airports have many terminals and you should follow the signs for navigating.
  • The Euro-Star train also brings passengers to London via the Channel Tunnel.
  • Registered travelers may enter via the EU and UK passport lanes or eGates.
  • Ensure you stand in the right queue for immigration. Border force officers will check your documents.
  • Entering or re-entering the UK with Student Immigration permission has some protocols. Border force officers may assess the level of English spoken by the student.
  • Students should have their university/college/school acceptance letters. They should also show financial proof and accommodation details.
  • A date stamp on the passport is mandatory.
  • You can collect your baggage after going through immigration. Look for the flight number and the location to find the counter.

What else should you keep in mind While Travelling to London?

  • You should prove the reason for your visit.
  • You should furnish evidence of leaving the UK after the end of the visit. You may also provide evidence of visiting the UK for a sanctioned activity. Proof of funds and return journey tickets may also be necessary.
  • Have all documents handy including scans and photocopies of passports and visas.
  • If you have a sponsor, then you should furnish evidence of the same. Other proof includes the relationship with the sponsor and the nature of support.
  • Students or academics visiting for research will have 12-month visas. They need letters from employers/institutions and the host organization.
  • Transit passengers should furnish evidence of outward journey confirmation. It should be within 48 hours of arrival. They have to show valid house permits or visas for the country they are journeying to.

Documents that are not Accepted as Proof

  • Credit card statements.
  • Driving license.
  • Educational certificates are not required by the visa.
  • Business cards.
  • Hotel bookings.
  • Car ownership proof.
  • Photocopies of bank documents.
  • Certificates of co-curricular activities.
  • Utility or tax bills of sponsors.
  • Travel insurance documents.

Some General Tips for London Immigration:

· The UK witnesses rainy weather around the year. Make sure you pack a small jacket for the rain. Have a small umbrella in your bag too.

  • Do not forget travel adapters with converters. It will help you keep using your gadgets while in London.
  • Walking shoes are a must. London is a massive city and you will have to explore many places on foot. Good shoes will go a long way in enhancing your experience.
  • Compare and check for cheaper airfares. There are many options suitable for students too.
  • London is an expensive city for visitors. Check for accommodation in reasonable areas like Shore ditch, Hackney, and Brixton.
  • Visitors should check out serviced apartments in London for longer or mid-term stays. They offer priced accommodation with more convenience.
  • The London tube is the best way to travel within the city. Check the route maps in advance.
  • Budget for spending on daily meals and miscellaneous costs. London is a costly city to get around in.
  • Museums are free in London but some attractions are not. Check ticket prices before visiting.
  • You can save money on food costs with serviced apartments. Many of these units allow guests to cook their own meals each day. It will help you save a considerable amount each day on dining out. London restaurants are expensive otherwise. Hence, self-cooking is a better way to save.
  • You should not miss attractions like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Check out the London Bridge. Check out Covent Garden and Harrods for shopping.
  • London is a safe city for all travelers. Yet, you should be careful to venture on the right tube route. Tap water and food are safe throughout the city as well.
  • You can buy local SIM cards for calls and data connectivity. You will find these in convenience stores and outlets of telecom brands. London offers free Wi-Fi throughout the entire city. If you do not have an unlocked mobile phone, then you should be fine. Hostels and hotels often have free Wi-Fi for guests. The same goes for serviced apartments. You need not buy a local SIM if you are traveling for a shorter period of time. You can breeze through with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • London visits are always costlier for international travelers. Choosing to explore attractions with tour groups will prove cheaper. It is not only cost-effective but fun at the same time. There are many student group travel options available as well. Group travel often proves cheaper than solo journeys to key landmarks.
  • London gives you access to several nearby destinations (if your visa permits it). You can choose Ryanair or other cheaper airlines for accessing Ireland. You can also travel at an affordable cost to Europe. Other options include the Euro-Star. It ventures to Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam. You can also buy your Rail Europe pass or take a ferry. Students and long-term visitors should consider all available options. They will find many choices for exploring parts of Europe. London is the gateway to several renowned global destinations.

These are some essential details that visitors, immigrants, and students should note. London is a warm and friendly city with a cosmopolitan population.

You should follow guidelines at all times and maintain suitable hygiene. If you are a visitor, you should book your serviced apartments in advance within your budget. You will find plenty of available options that offer great amenities. From free Wi-Fi to furnishings, most units offer everything you need. Check and compare holiday apartments with care before booking. Here’s wishing you a fun and memorable London sojourn ahead!