Still searching for a way to recover your office, PDF, or archives lost password? Then you are in the right place. Recovering a lost password can be frustrating especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

The issue of a user losing is password has become a common issue in the world today, since most people engage in a lot of activities, so forgetting your office, PDF or archive password is understandable.

However, getting the right password recovery tool is essential else you may risk losing all your data. There is little password recovery software that can get this done effectively, but one of the tested and trusted software that can the job is done effectively and efficiently is Password Recovery Bundle.

What is Password Recovery Bundle?

The Password Recovery Bundle is a Password Recovery Toolkit known for its effectiveness and efficiency in the technology world. They have become one of the most recommended software when it comes to finding a solution to any problem on Windows, Mac, and Android users.

Password Recovery Bundle always seeks to provide the best of service to its users at an affordable price for those who are in demand for password recovery. Also, they make sure all the instruction provided on how to get an effective solution to a problem is easily understood.

Furthermore, their team of professionals is always on their toes to developing more comprehensive software which seeks to give their users more effective and perfect services.

Key Features of Password Recovery Bundle

There are lots of features that make Password Recovery Bundle stand out from its counterpart. Some of which are;

  • Recovers password without data damage or lost

Unlike most Password recovery tool which poses a risk to user’s data while recovering their password, Password Recovery Bundle makes sure to avoid the issue of data damage or loss in the process of using their software in recovering your lost password.

This means that using the tool as a recovery tool will erase the fear of data being damaged or lost. This unique feature is not something common, and this portrays Password Recovery Bundle a professional in what they are known for.

  • Supports all versions

Another unique feature of Password Recovery Bundle is its ability to support all version of Office be it NVIDIA Cuda, AMD OpenCL, and Intel lSSE3/SSE4/AVX accelerations. This makes buying the software an easy one as most people are always concerned about buying a password recovery bundle that works for their preferred version of office.

  • Excellent record on the recovery rate

Password Recovery Bundle boasts of 99.9% recovery rate. This means there is no way Password Recovery Bundle will not work for you.

Once you keenly follow the provided guidelines on how to recover the password, then be 100% sure of recovering your password. This claim is based on users of sPassword Recovery Bundle testimonies.

  • Provides you with different approaches to recovering your password

Another thing that distinguishes Password Recovery Bundle from others is its ability to provide users with four different approaches they can use to recover their password. The methods are; Normal, Smart, Mask, and Dictionary.

This means that as a user, you have an option of choosing the method that appeals to you most in recovering your lost password. Each method will help in achieving your aim of recovering your password without posing a threat to your data.

  • Purchase at a pocket-friendly price

With all the qualities attributed Password Recovery Bundle, you will think that it should come at an exorbitant price. But contrary to your opinion, Password Recovery Bundle comes at a relatively low price while at the same time maintaining its excellent quality.

This makes it accessible for a large number of users and later on recommended to others by these users because of its efficiency.

This and many more are what makes Password Recovery Bundle unique from others.

How to recover lost Password with Password Recovery Bundle

  • Step 1: Download Password Recovery Bundle software
  • Step 2 Add an encrypted office file

After you have successfully downloaded the Password Recovery Software. launch the software then import an encrypted word file, take Word file as an example to recover Word password. This can be done by clicking on the encrypted file then click on open.

Open Office 1


  • Step 3: Set the encrypted file as an example

After you are done opening the encrypted file, the next thing is to set the file as an example.

open office 2


  • Step 4: Choose your preferred password recovery method

Choose your preferred password recovery method from the provided one which is Normal, dictionary, Smart or mask.

Tips on each recovery

The Normal recovery method recovers your password by trying all combinations of possible character in a particular range. However, you are to set the range and length.

normal length


normal range

Dictionary recovery method: This is most suitable for users who make use of keywords and remembers them. This is done by replacing the inbuilt dictionary with a new one (you can create a dictionary or download one from the website) then set the dictionary path or default.




Smart recovery method: This method works by trying all possible character combinations which include all printable characters.

Mask recovery method: This works in a situation whereby a user remembers part of his password. This method works faster because of the little help provided by the user. When using this method, you are to set the range and length.



  • Step 5: Click the “start button” to recover the password


Once you are through with choosing your preferred method, then click on the “start button” to recover your forgotten password.

  • Step 6

Once the recovery is successful, you can then “copy” or “Open” the password.

Using Password Recovery Bundle is among the best Password Recovery Tool you can ever think of. However, to make maximum, use of it, it is important to adhere strictly to the provided instructions on your preferred method.

Most people are always frustrated when they are not using the right method to recover their office, PDF or archive files, but Password Recovery Bundle is there to put an end to that frustration. Get yours now!