Have you recently bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max? Are you searching for a screenshot option in it? Then this blog is going to be helpful for you. In this blog, our Online Assignment Writer Australia experts will guide you regarding screenshots in your apple handset.

Since Apple’s new iPhone12 series was released in October 2020 it created a storm in the market all over the world. For customers, it became available from 23rd October for purchasing. Since then it has become an internet sensation among the mass. It is considered to be the most expensive phone among all its series. Besides, it gives a lot of features too. But while enjoying those features many feel troubled as they are unable to take screenshots.

Of late, screenshot plays a vital role among the features of mobile phone or tablet. It allows us to record audio, video, or capturing images and other necessary things too. Most of us prefer to capture what appears before us on the screen particularly at that moment. In that case, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will give you an incredible experience. But to perform such functions there are other applications available in the store, but installing an app for this particular job is the last thing that a smartphone user will do, and before that he or she would opt for the inbuilt option in his/her handset. But thankfully, if you are an iPhone 12 Max Pro user, you don’t need to do such things. Screenshots taken on your iPhone can be shared through various mediums like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Bluetooth, etc.

How to Take Screenshot

new iPhone 12 Pro Max!

iPhone 12 Pro Max allows you to record video calls, a story, webpage, even video too and save those things in memory for further use. By following the steps mentioned below you can take a screenshot of your handset:

Step 1: Open the screen on your iPhone that you want to capture.

Step 2: Press both the power key button and the Volume key down simultaneously in your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Step 3: then the captured image will be minimized on the screen. You will find it on the left side and lower part of your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s screen and it will stay only for a few seconds. If you want to edit the picture immediately or share it then click on the thumbnail before the picture disappears.

Step 4: If you click on the thumbnail to edit it, then you will get a lot of options like edit, cut, erase, draw, add arrows, circles, comment bubbles, using a magnifying glass, adding text, or signatures, etc.

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Step 5: As your editing option is done to the captured image, press ‘OK’ to save the desired image in your iPhone 12 Pro Max then it will ask you to reconfirm if you want to save it or not in your gallery or want to delete the screenshot.

Step 6: As the screenshot is saved on your iPhone 12 Pro Max, if you want to share it through social media or Bluetooth, then press the share button and select the desired app, and press ‘OK’, it will again ask you for confirmation to save the captured screenshot otherwise you can delete it too.

Note: if you want to capture a complete webpage in your iPhone 12 Pro Max, you should know that only Apple’s Safari browser allows you to perform this.


I hope this blog is helpful for you and it will guide you about the complete process of taking a screenshot on your iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you still have any kind of doubt you can take help from our Do my marketing assignment experts who are very proficient in dealing with these kinds of problems. For further query log on to our official website and check the necessary details to avail them.

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