Your website acts as a face of your business and brand. When a person lands on your website, he gets the image of your company. He looks at the navigation, layout and other elements to understand the worth of your business.

If your website is not well designed, then this will result in a higher bounce rate and your website will not be optimized. This will result in lower ranking. To tackle these problems, you need to design your website properly. If you are looking to get expert help in website designing, then you can get Boston web design services from experienced companies.

How can I Improve my website design?

Now, to help you out following are the tips to improve your website design:

1-Planning is a Requisite

Planning is must! If you are going to resolve the problems randomly, then you are going to waste your time. To get productive results you need to plan things properly. First, you need to outline the needs of your visitors. Sketch your buyer’s journey, starting from their arrival on the website to the point where they become your customer.

Look at what pages they are viewing. What things will convert them to your customers? You need to think deeply about this and then go for the designing.

2- Do Add Calls-to-Actions

As your center of focus is your user, so to guide them you need to add calls-to-action in your website design. When a user visits a website, he thinks what to do next? Here you need to help him with your calls-to-action. These are small texts that tell the users where to go.

These are the next step that should be taken by the user to reach the  desired location or to get the information of the product. So, don’t forget to add them.

3-Remove these Instantly

Complex animations, lengthy content, stock images and more should be removed instantly from the website. These act as a hurdle when you are going to convey the message to your audience.

You have only 8 secs to attract an audience when they come to your website. Remember, first impression is the last impression so you need to put the best on the front of your website. You need to embed short content, catchy images, and proper icons in the header section. In your content, avoid using these words: groundbreaking, innovative, cutting-edge, easy to use, best-of-breed, etc. Thousands of companies are using this so it is better to create something engaging and creative.

4-Let Users Scroll on Your Site Homepage

Design a longer homepage by including 3 to 5 sections. This will help your users to see the things properly by offering a seamless experience.

Wondering what to add in a section? This list can be long. Some of the significant elements can be intro video, featured products, information of services, about us, testimonials, resources, success stories and more.  

5-Select Appropriate Images

As said earlier, avoid using stock images. You need to select the right images for your website that are conveying your message according to the text. You can get many images for free but for some, you have to pay.

How do I make my website attractive?

The addition of attractive images or photographs is the cool way to make your website stand out and appealing.

Go for real photographs, as this builds trust and the audience will read your content with satisfaction. They will look at your picture to understand the message you are trying to giving them with your content. In addition, we are not saying that using stock photos is bad, but you need to select the right one that matches with your content.

6-Integrate Social Share and Follow Buttons

If you are not using social media, then you are underestimating its power. You need to add social share and follow buttons to share your content with your audience. Furthermore, it is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and to expand your outreach. If you don’t have  these buttons, then you are losing the social engagement with your user.

These buttons are placed around the top or bottom of your blog. The icons are placed to connect with social media platforms instantly. If you are looking for some tools to embed these buttons, then you can use SumoMe and Shareholic .

7- Navigation is the Key Element

Navigation sits on the top of the list when we talk about tips for designing a website layout. Navigation can be termed as a wheel on your website is going to be driven. With the help of this, the user reaches his desired location on your website.

If your website is not organized, content is not aligned and  there is no hierarchy, then it becomes a nightmare for a user. You need to focus on the arrangement of the things to pace them properly according to their importance and maintain a visual hierarchy. When you are not doing this, then you user might get frustrated because he is not able to find desired services or products he is looking for. So, work on it!

8-Mobile Optimization is Essential

Optimize your website for mobile to avoid losing customers. You can understand the importance by looking at the statistics. According to Google, 80% of internet users use their smartphone to view the websites. Furthermore, according to a study by Google, 60% of the users do not visit the website again if it is not accessible on mobile. Instead, 40% visit the competitor website.


How to increase your website trust?

Mobile optimization is one of the ways to do this. So, you need to optimize your website for mobiles to make a firm grip on your audience. You can see other mobile optimized websites to look at how they are facilitating their customers and offering great experience.

9- Don’t Hesitate to Use the White Space

When we are designing the website, white space is the key element to focus. This plays a significant role to break the page and increase readability. It is also termed as negative space.

When you are using a white space, then this will help you to place your content and other design elements properly. You need to look at your website and see pages which are lacking these white spaces. If some pages don’t have a negative space, then remove the unnecessary content or other elements to make the design appealing.

10- Focus on Your Online Visibility

What if you are placing all things properly but can’t be found online? Then your all efforts are useless. For this, you need to develop your SEO strategy.

When developing the strategy, you need to consider a buyer persona. In your planning, embed content marketing in your SEO. You need to create eBooks, blogs, videos, and articles that are relevant to your customers need. Keep your content relevant, you should provide solutions to the problems faced by your audience.

11- Create Engaging Content to Attract Audience

As mentioned above, content holds a special place in your SEO and for attracting the audience. You need to target your audience with engaging content. To grab their attention, use compelling words like “you” and “your” instead of “we” and “our”. This approach will make them understand that you are talking to them. They should feel that your content is offering solutions to their problems and answering their queries.

How to make website trusted?

Well, content is a great way to do so. If you are providing the right content to your user he will trust you and will read your content with satisfaction in mind that he is at the right place.

12- Find Out 404’s or Broken Links

Depending on your website size, you might have broken links and non functional pages. One thing to remember, you need to identify those by yourself because your visitors will not be telling you.

One of the best ways to fix this problem is to take out some time and check your website pages to find out the errors.

13- Test Again and Again

How can I make my website more trustworthy?

You need to test the things to build trust. You need to evaluate the conversion paths, a place where a user is clicking, how far the audience scrolls and other elements to know about the importance of your website pages.

If your website has too many pages, then there will definitely be some pages that have errors. Some pages might have broken links, some need little changes in design, change in colors, or adding some text at some places will be needed.

You need to run A/B test by using a tool or you can take help from heat maps to know about the activity of the user. Doing a test will reveal the variety of the data you can use to know about their intent to visit a particular page.

14- Find and Offer Something New

Competition is growing day by day to the digital advancement. Everyone is trying to deliver the best to their customers. From your conversion rate, you can know how many customers are coming to you.

You attract traffic by providing services and your product to your customers. But don’t limit yourself to this. If you are devising the ways, how to improve a website? You need to think of other innovative ways and elements that can be added to your website design. This will help you to grab the attention of that audience who is going to your competitors.

Hope that these tips will be helpful for you to make improvements in your website design. Considering all this difficult? You can get in touch with experienced website designers to get the job done.