It is indeed tempting and magnetizing when you see countless products in an online shopping site. It’s like good products are instantly and easily laid in front of you. There are affordable prices. Some are a bit expensive. Others come in group deals.

As an online shopper, you do not just aim to buy what you’re planning to buy. You must also look forward to getting discounts on your purchases especially if you have a lot. Many people don’t get the chance to claim markdowns because they overlook some actions.

To help you claim great online shopping discounts, here are 6 hacks you must remember as you tap, swipe and click:



Online shopping has been present for some time now, but especially nowadays, it has become more popular and widely used. People’s interests, time and motivation when it comes to shopping have affected that. Because of that, a number of new online shopping sites were also born.

Select a trustworthy and reputable online shopping site for you to have a stronger assurance of its authenticity and credibility. It has high quality services and offers customers an easy and stress-free online shopping experience. Surely, there are reviews about it. Past successful transactions and effective conflict managements are some good signs that the online shopping site works well with its customers.

Check the prices as you compare with other sites as well. Of course, choose the one with the most reasonable and not too-good-to-be-true prices. As you scan through the online shopping site and get information from their regular and previous shoppers, you will know if it is an excellent online shopping site or not. Always choose wisely the most favorable for you.


Email alerts are sometimes annoying especially if you accidentally subscribed to a regular newsletter or did so to get a short-time perk. They, however, can be used so you will be notified of the product and price promotions and discounts they have or that they will offer soon. Without even planning to open the site, you will be lead there as you received an email about the current promos they have.


Coupon codes help you save money by getting free of charge promos and by obtaining percent offs to the online shopping site. Take advantage of them, and don’t let them just reach their expiration dates. Avail of the latest and up-to-the-minute coupons & kickback offers, and enjoy shopping from favorite brands and from the freshest ones!

Coupon codes give you a sweet taste of cutdowns. Even with a little percent off, you can at least use the money you saved for other purposes like food or transportation fare. It may not seem really big, but it will surely help!


Dates must be kept in mind. Know when certain brands and online shopping sites give discounts usually. In that way, you will be prepared financially and mentally because you will not forget the most awaited days or dates of many online shoppers. You won’t miss discounts available on a particular day or week only.

Also, know the expiration periods of your coupon codes, so they won’t be wasted. Although you can negotiate with online site administrators and owners regarding extensions, that isn’t definite yet.   



There are reward points you get from certain monetary transactions. Some online applications give you discounts in your purchase/s from an online shopping site after you garnered the required reward points.

For example, a certain transportation booking application offers a 20% off for a particular minimum purchase in an online shopping site. This is why it is important to check your online apps because you might have expired and yet unclaimed rewards. They can be your secret tool when you need some discounts.


A mobile app is beneficial. You will immediately know updates and be among the first people to claim amazing benefits. You often have your cell phone on your hands, so this would not be very hard to do. Also, if you install the mobile app, you can shop anywhere and anytime. If the schedule for the national discount has arrived, and you’re still inside the bus while it’s traffic, then you still can go online shopping without missing any good chances of discounts!


One of online shopping’s charms is its provision of discounts for shoppers. Explore and look for good ways that will help you save money as you purchase what you really want or need. Be wise when you shop online and maximize your perks as a beloved customer!