You all know, a changing season brings some unwanted changes in form diseases. To stay fit and healthy, you must take precautions to prevent yourself from the diseases caused by seasonal changes.

We all love playing and going out in the rainy season and eating junk or street food is a habit of youngsters of the century. But this may cause several diseases and problem to your health. So, in order to save your health, you have to take some precaution while there occur some seasonal changes.

Taking precaution before you get ill is always a better option than going to doctor after you caught a disease.

Listed below are some of the health care that you should always keep mind.

Some Common Diseases

Before going to the preventive measure, let me tell you in brief about the diseases that you may catch in season change if you do not take any preventive measure. Check out these diseases caused in different seasons.

Winter diseases: Cold & Cough, flu, dry skin, and itchiness.

Summer Diseases: Malaria, typhoid, flu, sunburn, diarrhea, and food poisoning.

Monsoon Diseases: Cholera, dengue, viral infections, hepatitis A, and more.

To save yourself from these drastic diseases, following health care tips will help you in a regular routine.

Eat and Drink Healthy


The first and foremost thing to do is eat and drink healthy. I mean,

  • You should not eat street food in seasonal change.
  • Try to drink the maximum amount of water you can. Also, use boiled water for your drinking purposes.
  • Eat green and fresh vegetables. You can eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Avoid taking alcohol and caffeine as much as you can.
  • Eat light food that is easy to digest.

Keep Yourself Covered

Even it is summer season or winter season, keeping yourself covered really help you keep the diseases out. Wearing full body clothes protects you from heat strokes in the summer season and keeps you warm in winter season. Moreover, you should carry an umbrella in rainy season and use mosquito repellant in the summer season.

Avoid Dirty Environment

Dirty surrounding is a big reason to get sick.Mosquito around your house can you ill easily. Do not let stagnant wateraround you. Remove the heaps of garbage and rubbish if there are any around you.

Use dirt cleaners and mosquito repellant that you can buy from any general store. To take preventive products, you can buy health care products and medicines at Apollo Pharmacy online. You can even get a discount at this online pharmacy store using Apollo Pharmacy coupons.

Save Yourself from Sun Strokes and Rain

Other harmful things for health are sun strokes and rain. Monsoon rain is enjoyable to watch, but do not walk or play in rain, as it may cause viral infections. Moreover, do not lead sun strokes to reach you as it can cause sunburn to your skin. Avoid going out at 1 PM to 4 PM in summers to get protected from skin problems.

Important Things to Remember

There are some things other than eating habits and saving from dirt. Make sure to follow these as well:

  1. Getting a good night sleep is very beneficial for health. So make sure to get a sleep of at least 8 hours a day.
  2. Along with keeping your environment clean, it is important that your body should be clean too. So bath twice in summer and once a day in winters.
  3. Eat some foods that are rich to provide immunity to your body.
  4. Do not let your clothes wet in any season.
  5. Avoid touching your eyes or other sensitive parts without washing your hands.

Keep in touch with natural things and save yourself from ailments. Stay Alert! Stay Fit!

About Author:  Deepika Arora

Hey, I’m a digital marketing analyst in Deals shutter and involved in advertising and creation. I become a writer by profession and get influenced by passion. I like to inspire and get inspired. Believe in doing Good, Better and Best. And never let it rest!