Christmas Traditions in Brazil comes from various cultures but mainly it is derived from Portuguese culture. Brazil is also one of the countries with most unique Christmas customs in the world. People from various foreign countries visit Brazil during Christmas time to witness their traditions and customs of Christmas. Few things like decorating Christmas tree, Christmas lights and exchanging gifts are also quite common here. As there is multicultural population in Brazil, Christmas is celebrated and influenced in so many ethnic ways from people of different parts of the world.

Here we are to give insights on 5 Brazil Christmas Traditions that would surprise you.

1.Little Christmas Box

In Brazil there is this beautiful tradition of showing gratitude and appreciation to the service providers in form of tips. In Brazil it is called caixinha. People have this little Christmas box with Christmas decoration papers with a hole where people can put coins and notes as tips. You can usually see this box in salons, reception counter, small stores, restaurants, bakeries etc. This was started to provide some incentive to the service providers because their salary is not very high and they have to meet so many expenses in festive season. Also they deliver online gifts to their home if they are not able to come.

2.Not Obligatory 

This Christmas box is not obligatory to put in all the places as sometimes it creates resentment between the resident and service provider. Because when this box is kept the resident feels it obligatory to give the tip. Also the person who gets 13th salary is not given this Christmas box as they are already given an extra salary. Many people out of etiquettes give an envelope of tip to the service provider if they couldn’t find the Christmas box with them.

3.Amigo Secreto

This in English simply means Secret Santa. Here the exchange of gifts takes place between groups of people. The ones participating in the activity have their names written in chits. All these chits are kept in bowl and everyone is asked to randomly pick a chit. The person whose name is written on the chit has to give gift to the person who has picked up their name’s chit. Likewise all the gifts are distributed between the participants. Buy Christmas Gift Baskets Online and treat your loved ones for Christmas.

4.Amazing Brazil Christmas Food

There is a big Christmas meal on the Christmas Eve in Brazil. The Christmas meal includes dishes like turkey, ham, pork, fresh and dried fruits and salads. Generally all these items are paired with raisins rice and seasoned manioc flour. There are also varieties of the desserts for the Christmas Eve but the most important ones are ice cream and tropical.

5.Cesta de Natal

This comes to the rescue when the little Christmas box is not allowed. People create Christmas boxes or baskets with Christmas treats like cookies, types of chocolates, dried fruits, wine bottles, cheese, panettones, jams, olive oils, jelly beans and other products decorated and arranged well in the basket. This is given to friends and family or as a gratification to employees for year end. You can buy Last Minute Christmas Gifts online and get them delivered to your loved ones as soon as possible.

The Christmas Celebration is Brazil is pretty much like US but except for the heavy snows that falls in US.