The money earned from working a day job is not enough to meet your financial needs. Thus, it’s essential to get a side hustle or come up with a money-making idea that will help you fulfill your monetary obligations. Also, during this pandemic period, your job security is not guaranteed, so having a second source of income ensures that you will be able to cater for yourself in case you lose your job and save money for future use.

1. Dog Walking or Pet Sitting:

If you are an animal lover, dog walking or pet sitting can be a great side hustle for you. You can begin locally by looking after your neighbor’s pets then build your reputation. Most people who have pets in their homes treat them like family. So, if you can get them to trust you, they might refer you to their friends or family and get you more clients.

2. Become a Delivery Driver:

Being a delivery driver has become one of the most popular side hustles. Nearly all businesses nowadays have delivery services and work with delivery drivers. Delivering has flexible hours, and you can sign up to work on your days off or in the evening after work. You can earn up to $20 per hour if you do a satisfactory job.

3. Become a Freelance Writer:

To start a freelance career, you need to pick a field that you are good or interested in. freelancing has a broad spectrum including, graphic design, blog writing, photography, film editing, and so much more. You can open accounts in apps like Upwork, click worker and earn up to 30$ per hour.

4. Invest in Real Estate:

Real estate is among the best ways to earn passive income in 2022. Real estate is the perfect hustle if you are interested in investing in a long-term side hustle. Even though significant risks are involved, investing in real estate is very rewarding long-term.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant:

Since more businesses are shifting to online services, virtual assistants are becoming more of a necessity each day. Virtual assistants earn money by assisting people or businesses reduce their workload by performing accounting, marketing, writing emails, and more. As a virtual assistant, you can work in various fields and from anywhere. Depending on your skills and experiences, you can earn up to 35$ an hour.

6. Create a Money-Making Blog:

You can make money as a blogger by running ads or advertising marketing links on your website. You can write blogs remotely or from anywhere in the world. However, it would help if you made relatable, original, and good content that creates traffic in your blog to make money from advertising stores and businesses.

7. Start a YouTube Channel:

Creating content on YouTube is among the highest paying side hustles. Although it requires a lot of persistence and time, creating unique and relatable content will increase the number of your viewers. In addition, you can earn by advertising businesses in your channel and by encouraging your viewers to watch ads. Starting a Youtube channel is considered to be one of the best passive income ideas over the past decade due to the increase of viewers present.

8. Become a Social Media Manager:

The demand for Social media managers is growing since most businesses migrate online. Some business owners do not have the time to manage their social media accounts and businesses. Therefore, They employ social media managers to manage their online accounts for them. You can earn by making content for these businesses on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and interacting with customers on their behalf.

9. Teach English:

English is a global language used all over the world. There are a lot of learners who have an interest in learning English. Therefore, you can earn money by tutoring English online.

10. Take online surveys:

Although the money is not that much, taking online surveys is an excellent side hustle. The surveys are easy to do, and you can do them at any time.


Side hustles are essential even when you have a full-time job. The extra money can change your life and help you settle your debts or bills. You can also save money for emergency purposes or leisure.