Wavlink WiFi Extender Feeble

Are you also bothered about the WiFi speed of the router? If yes, then no problem wifi extender is a dam privilege for the router. You can raise the WiFi speed of the router without any crisis by installing it. Also, the extender is a crucial device for extending Wi-Fi coverage. If you install the Wavlink company’s extender for your router then it is absolutely right. Because the extender of this company performs well for a long time. Along with it, its wifi speed is steady and high in comparison to the extender. In addition, the Wavlink WiFi extender comes along with high-power antennas, which helps to maximize the network coverage as well as Wi-Fi speed. But many times, the user is facing a feeble range with this extender. If you are searching for how to improve the Wavlink WiFi extender feeble range? 

As well, this page provides you with the best solution to improve the feeble range of the Wavlink extender. In addition, it also provides step-by-step reasons due to network speed being feeble. From ap.setup, you will be competent to quickly & readily fix the problem. Lets’ scroll down the best solutions & predominant reasons. 

What are the reasons for Wavlink WiFi Extender Feeble or Unstable Network?

If you have installed a range extender to boost the range of your router. But if you are facing a weak signal with a range extender then this could be the main reason. So in this situation, the user should probe what are the reasons why the WiFi range is getting weak. And after that, you will know about their solution. 

  • Maybe the connection between the Wavlink extender & Wi-Fi router is incomplete 
  • In the wire connection, the wire is a loose plug
  • Your prevent router is not connecting to the internet 
  • Maybe the space is immense between the WiFi router & range extender
  • Your networking device is kept away from the Wavlink extender
  • The setup of the Wavlink extender is unfinished
  • Does not properly press the WPS button

Incredible Solutions: Wavlink WiFi Extender Feeble or Unstable Network

If you are looking for the solution to fix the weak signal then you have chosen the right page. Through this page, you can get a different solution.

1. Position the Wavlink extender is an ideal location

The Wavlink range extender’s position can impact the Wi-Fi s[eed and the strength of your router’s signal. To resolve the problem, you need to place the range extender in an ideal location. The ideal location for the range extender is in the middle area of your home. As well, you should check the position of the router. Because the placement of the extender should be near the router. If you install the extender separately from the room of the router, then you will have to face a feeble signal.

2. Change the wireless channel 

To fix the feeble & unstable network of the Wavlink range extender, we advise you to modify the wireless channel. To change the wireless channel, you need to open the Wireless setting. Then, you have to open & locate the network option. Afterward, you will see two networks. To amplify the W-Fi speed, you need to allow the 5GHz network. After enabling the network, click the Save button. 

3. Modify the wireless security mode & encryption 

You can efficiently troubleshoot the Wavlink WiFi extender feeble network by modification in the wireless security mode. This range extender supports numerous security modes. Then, for this, you can try to change the security encryption. With myrepeater.net, you need to visit the admin panel & log in to this panel. Afterward, reach in the Wireless setting & open the security mode section. In the security mode section, you need to configure another security encryption. To save this encryption, click the Save button. 

4. Power cycle the Wavlink extender 

To power cycle the extender, firstly you need to turn off the WPS button of this range extender. Moreover, you can also turn off the power button. After the power of the Wavlink Wi-Fi range extender is turned off. You need to unhook the Wavlink extender from the wall socket. After a couple of minutes, you need to hook the extender to the wall socket back. 

5. Check antivirus program 

To resolve the issue, you need to probe the antivirus program. To check the antivirus program, you can use the software. For this, you can download the software. With the help of software, the antivirus is easily deleted in your range extender. 

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