In today’s world, we have lots of devices that require charging and the most likely, the first device that came to mind is your Review of Smartphone and it makes sense for that to happen. Since smartphones are the device that we use most often.

With that said, it goes even further than that for many of us as we have things such as tablets, laptops, wearable’s and lots of other devices that require charging and most of us use a USB wall charger to charge our devices but there’s a newer and more useful type of charging electronic that has flooded the market.

That would be the portable charger, also known as a power bank. Power banks are devices that we can take basically anywhere and they’re able to charge our devices wherever we go. The great thing about power banks is that since they have grown in popularity so much, there have been lots of companies that have innovated on them and that has resulted in many different types of power banks to come into existence.

Now the main types of power banks are ones that have low and high power capacities. However, there are more than just those two, in this article; I’ll be going over the 3 most useful types of power banks.


Rugged Power bankspowerbank1

As useful as power banks are, the main flaw is with their strength and that would be the fact that they’re portable. Portability means that you run the chance of dropping a power bank or getting it exposed to water and because normal power banks are not able to withstand those things, they can get damaged.

That is why there are Rugged power banks. Rugged power banks are just like any other portable charger that can be taken anywhere to charge your devices, however, these ones have superior build qualities. They have structures on their bodies that enable them to withstand drops onto the hard ground and that makes them shockproof. Another strong attribute is that they’re also waterproof.

Waterproofing happens with a power bank when the USB ports are covered by a USB port covering and that means that a power bank is only waterproof when its ports are not in use.


Power banks that have their own cables


Even though it’s very useful to have a portable charger, being portable means that you have a higher chance of just taking the power bank with you and forgetting a cable. That is why there are power banks that have their own built-in cables. These types are among the best power banks because they can also be reliable as they always have a cable with them.

Another awesome thing is that there are some chargers that make use of two built-in cables to charge an Android smartphone with a Micro-USB cable and another cable that uses a Lightning cable to charge iPhones and iPads. It can go even further than that, with some power banks that use a USB port that can be used with any charging cable and also a built-in component that can be used to recharge the power bank as well.

If a power bank has 3 of those components; a built-in cable to charge your devices, a USB port and a built-in method for recharging, then that basically absolves the need to use any charging cable at all.


Power banks on Cables


So far, you’ve probably noticed that most power banks are versatile as they come with different attributes. There are some power banks that are able to be implemented onto charging cables and these kinds are ones that are very small.

Charging cables that have a built-in power bank are useful because they’re great for emergencies because you don’t even need to connect the cable to a charging electronic. As long as the power bank has a power capacity, all you need to do is simply plug the cable into the device that you’re charging and it starts charging.

Another awesome thing is that you can use the charging cable just as any other charging cable with USB wall chargers, car chargers, and other charging electronics as well; by doing so, you’re also able to charge the built-in power bank too. No matter what power bank you’re going purchase, it’s best to read power bank reviews before actually buying one so you know the capabilities of it.