Photo panels are the best option if someone is looking for giving a gift that shows and holds memories. Even to people who want to start a new business, it will be easy to start and beneficial as preparing and selling custom panel art will be the best option.

Many people tend to buy photo panels even though they don’t like the available options. So, for such people, it is better to opt for custom photo panels as they can customize the panel depending on their interests. This is simply something that has to be taken into account but you should also be aware of the following.

Types of art panels available

When coming to art panels and canvas they can be made in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the person’s interests.

  • Single faced Art Panels

This consists of ⅛  or ¼  Baltic birch wood on a clear subframe

  • Double Faced Art Panels

In this, the birch wood will be on both sides of the internal frame

  • Shaped Art Panels

These are usually made of plywood, MDF, or high-density foam.

Single-faced custom panel art is cheap when compared to the remaining two options. They are used for only small works with a size of 48” in dimension. If that is used for a larger size the panel warping will increase.

Double-faced wood will be expensive but they are very stable and if looking for more than 48” size they are a better option. Obviously, you will also want to think about what you personally like when you make your final choice. Some people love how plywood-shaped art panels look like but others want single-faced options made out of MDF.

What is a photo panel?

Photo panels are the best option for creating a personal keepsake for any occasion. This ranges from birthday gifts to corporate gifts. You can even choose them as simple decorative elements in your home. Photo panels can be placed on the table as they have an easel that can support and will be a great accessory to the tabletop. Basically, you can put them anywhere you want around the home, wherever they would look great, based on personal preferences.

As there will be pre-drilled slots on the back of the photo panel it will even be easy when they want to be hung on the wall.

Advantages of customizing:

There are many advantages and benefits to customizing the available photo frames. Some of them include

  • Customizing any gift is the best option as everyone has different attractions.
  • Custom panel art shows special interest and effort by the giver and the item can also be designed based on the receiver’s likes.
  • Customizing photo panels and using multiple panels for photos make it convenient for including many memories in one place.
  • You can offer a gift that instantly means a whole lot more for the receiver. Who does not want to receive something fully customized? It shows that you care.
  • There is no need to compromise on the things that are not up to the mark as they can design things based on their own interests.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is different from Canvas painting, as this image will be printed from a printer onto a canvas. There will be both frameless borders and framed canvas prints to select from.

Canvas prints provide an elegant look for the home whereas normal prints or photo panels will create and inflict a natural look to the home. The big advantage is that you will be able to choose the photograph you will print. As it is quite obvious, it is incredibly simple to end up with a print that would look great wherever you want to place it. And if you want to send it as a gift, you choose something that matters.


In Canvas Prints the image that is printed will be permanent whereas in framed print it is possible to swap existing photos with the selected ones.

In the present scenario, there is more demand for customized products whether they are frame prints, canvas, wall art, or wooden canvas. All gifts are customized according to the likes of the person.