Do you feel like life has been bombarding you with so much negativity for a few consecutive times now? Well, you must be feeling annoyed and sick of it, huh?

Why don’t you escape from it and enjoy yourself instead? Find out here in this article and see how traveling can help you say goodbye to the harsh and tiring reality.

·It helps you gain friends globally

As you grow older, you tend to cut ties with some of the people who might belong to your circle of friends back then. This may be because of maturity or by simply realizing that not all your friends are true to you. That’s one of the best gifts of traveling to you, you gain friends globally.

You get to know and meet people from the cities or countries you’re visiting – different races, cultures, religions, traditions, beliefs, and so on. And this will make you feel and understand that you can make friends around the world not just from what your hands can reach.

·It helps exhale negativity and inhale positivity

If you want to stay away from negative vibes, traveling is one of the best answers. It’s a nice way for you to exhale the negativity of life and inhale its positive vibe.

Don’t drown yourself with all the dark thoughts and undesirable circumstances of life, switch on the positive side and enjoy. When you travel you’ll surely forget whatever is polluting your mind and appreciate more the beauty of life.

·It makes you feel and live free as a bird

When you go from place to place, you’re more like a bird being freed from its cage. You get a chance now to spread your wings and fly away from the harsh reality.

By traveling, you’re making a way for yourself to discover your capabilities more and more. You get to open your eyes as fierce as a bird and see that you can overcome the highs and lows of life. See how traveling can deeply affect you so well, hmmm?

·It gives you a little breath of fresh air

Travelling gives you a breath of fresh air – a new environment, new people, and new ambiance, new culture, new discoveries and so on and so forth.

If you want to stay away from the harsh and tiring reality environment you’ve been living in for years, escape from it via traveling. You’ll never know how much lighter you would feel when you give yourself a chance to take a breath of fresher air.

·It gradually takes away your burdens in life

Do you know why most people love to travel? It’s because they can feel that through it, they get to lighten their burdens.  Not literally but mentally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. They feel free from every problem, pain, sorrow, disappointment, and so on. Why don’t you try and prove it yourself?

And that because traveling effortlessly diverts your attention to anything new and magnificent that you would discover on your journey. It knows and feels that you deserve only and nothing but the best of life.

· It provides you with a big room for relaxation and meditation

When you travel, you just don’t walk, walk, and walk. Through it, you get a chance to relax and meditate. You have more time to think of how much beauty the earth has.  And you’ll come up to a point that you’ll realize it’s useless to go with the flow of harsh and tiring reality.

How and why? When you travel, you smother yourself with foods, souvenirs, memories, adventures, and so on. Through that, your attention is being diverted to something more pleasant than thinking of the stinky problems you have.

·It eventually makes you realize your main purpose in life

As you spend time relaxing and meditating, you’ll then realize your main purpose in life. You’ll come up to awakening that you shouldn’t be overcome with the harsh and tiring reality, in fact, you must be the one to overcome it.

Travelling is beyond going from place to place it has a bigger and more meaningful purpose. No doubt why everybody is dying to have time to somehow travel somewhere and live like no one knows they exist.

·It suddenly makes you miss and appreciate your home more

No matter how beautiful and extravagant your hotel would be, you’ll still miss the place where you came from. Travelling makes you miss your home and appreciate more at the same time. Yes, you’ll discover many hotels, restaurants, and many more tourist attractions, but truly, “there’s no place like home”. It helps you realize that no matter how beautiful the places you would have the chance to visit, you’ll still want to be in the comfort of your home.

· It gives you golden memories to hold

Aside from all the benefits that traveling can give to your general well-being, it also gives you memories that can last a lifetime. These memories are priceless and will always make you smile no matter where you go.

And trust me, as you get older and reach your sunset age, the thoughts will surely make you realize how much you’ve done for the best of yourself. There’s no better feeling than seeing your old yet well-kept photos from your travels. What can you say about the idea, huh?

· It sustains you fresh knowledge and ideas

You might not notice it, but as you travel to different cities or countries, you’re able to learn fresher knowledge and ideas. These are the information you unintentionally get through your entire visit in one place.

Primarily, you tend to learn, the basic to an average level of different languages, you explore a variety of cultures around the world, and you get to meet different races with different behaviors and beliefs, get to discover multiple traditions and many more.

There are more things that traveling can deliver to your table. And these are only some of those extravagant benefits of it. So, what do you think? Are you now planning on going somewhere? Well, you better share with us your story then.


Kath Ramirez is a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing is her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays and a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a writer for WestHQ Live Music one of the best travel locations in the heart of Western Sydney.