Reason #1: Reposting images

One of the major mistakes done by Insta account users is reposting images in their page. Sure, it will drench your Instagram not posting from account in a way that you are posting duplicate photos and videos. It will make discomfort your existing followers as well as Google. If you are not going to share something fresh, exhilarating then what is the need of followers to follow your page?  Instagram users love to share, love to comment and love to shop, when it may be a new content. All the social media users are in the thirst of vibrating fresh content. So you may engage them with the new collection of photos not stock photos but your own photos. And never make your followers distressed by uploading a lot of images and videos.

Key to resolve: Entertain your followers and users by new collection of colorful, theme minded photos and videos. Upload your content in a regular scheduled duration instead of posting continuously. There is no particular timing for posting your content. It is completely based upon your concern domain. If you are targeting young age student’s level audience, then you may post your content by late time. If you are targeting home makers then you may post your content by the time of noon. So it  completely depending upon your post content and your targeted audience.


Reason #2: Missing of geotagging in your posts:

When you are creating a new post and sending to your page without geotagging, sure you will miss your local engaged users in a bad manner.

Yes. Geotagging is nothing but sharing your location with the content. Geo location increases your audience engagement as much as possible. If you are including geolocation to your business post, then you can show you in the fied for other people browsing the location itself. From this you can get a higher level of user engagement and reach your audience in an organic way.


Reason #3: follow to follow

As an Instagram account user, you must show trustworthy space for the audience. By doing “follow to follow” you may lose your identity and your brand value. Some people follow others with the expectation of their page follow count may increase in this way. But believe me it never works to develop your audience as a potential audience.

And you think about this, that you are watching any new Instagram page with more number of follow count and less number of followers count, you may loss trustworthy space on that page and you never follow that such page.

Solution: It is an interesting part to make the audience follow your Instagram page. All the way to show your product as a brand to the viewers, not by showing the followers count. You may increase followers count by getting attraction from your brand. Sometimes Instagrammers are also getting interested in your grateful post and they will follow you. Keep your following and followers count ratio in the acceptable vision.


Reason 4: Never run call to action post

Lot of Instagram page skips this part to do in an active pattern. When you add a call to action in your post never think that was too spammy. Now a day’s most of the brands are adding this kind of call to action in their Instagram page.

Call to action can determine whether the audience does or not. And you can determine how many are doing take action.

For example, you can see in the following screenshot:

The famous personal care product flows their CTA in their Instagram post.

Solution: Spend more time on Instagram and learn a lot about this call to action point of your niche, competitors. It will help you to flow your CTA.


Reason 5: Posts without hashtags – general hashtags

If you are not giving hash tags in your post, it may hide you from the potential audience. Hashtags are the organic path that the audience can reach you in an easy way. Hashtags lead your post in a hit way. You may add 5 to 10 counts of hashtags related to your post. As well as you can add some general tags to find you easily.

 In the following screenshot you may find examples of hashtags.

 Day by day the evolution of Instagram is getting more and more. In the following screenshot you may see the growth chart of Instagram active users count and it reaches 1 billion. Among this much of Instagram users your hashtags helps to see your success rate.


Ref URL:


Reason 6: Ignoring the power of Instagram not posting stories

Ignoring Instagram stories is one of the biggest mistakes you have done. Stories tab gives you a unique opportunity to find the direct attention of potential audiences to your post. It is much easier to showcase your post as stories at the top of Instagram. You may see the growth of stories format in the following screenshot:

Stories used to pull the audience to your page in creative ways. So never ignore the power of Instagram stories. It will help you to connect with your audience directly.

Then why are you waiting start to add your stories in Instagram.

Reason 7: No effective running Contests

Never running contests in your Instagram page may look like static page without any fun. Just for making fun and entertainment run contests with your existing audience and also it will lead to add new audience. It will develop the best way to engage your audience. Announcing some creative fun contest, out of the box contest is a perfect way to generate interest among the audience. Also, it will create decent number of followers through this.

In the above screen shot you may find the fun contest running by Instagram account. You may find fun giveaways or contests can be incredibly valuable for your brand.


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Reason 8: Never think about outstanding activity

In this article we have discussed how Instagram is getting evolution and how many users are actively using this Instagram for their business promotion. In this crowd without thinking about outstanding activity may lead you in a failure way. It is very much important to stand out from the crowd and make yourself as brand content. Increase your creativity count in your unique visual content style to stay strong within this crowd.

For example, if you are searching a model for your brand then you may think in your own creativity  and you may introduce any pet animals in this to reach more vibrant way of action. Show your outstanding activity leads you to create brand value.

You may find a unique visual style of content in the following screenshot:


Reason 9: Not using influencer marketing

If you are not using influencer marketing you may miss your great way for getting more follower base. Why you are waiting gets ready to start with influencer marketing to grow your sales as well as follower base.

Influencer marketing gives the benefit of word of mouth. When an influencer recommends your product or service on their Instagram Page then it will make trusted recommendations among the audience. Obviously it will develop a huge number of benefits to your sales.

You can see how influencer marketing gets engaged in the following screenshot.


Reason #10:  Never tag relevant audience in your post

Never using tagging functionality is one of the lead to make your post fail.

If you are tagging someone in your post then it will encourage them to engage with your content. When you tag someone in your post, they can share that content to their audience. It will invite more number of audiences to your post.


Reason #11: Never ask your existing audience to tag their friends

Try this easy method to reach your post. This will help you to get more responses from different audiences. Just ask your followers to tag their friends in the comments. It will expose your Insta account with a huge network of audience.

Never miss this easiest way to reach your content.


Reason #12: Never concentrate on the captions

When you post your content on Instagram never think this is a platform of visual content.  Though Instagram is a photo visual platform, your captions may lead increasing great engagement among your audience. This kind of engagement is the important key factor in your success travel in Instagram post. When you write the captions about your post, then keep in mind that write real time example, important words up front, try to raise questions, try to explore with emoji and so on.

In the following screenshot you may find the power of caption through real time example. Hey now you can get started with an effective Instagram not posting and reach your potential audience.