From rubies to copper, auburn, cherry, and deep burgundy, red hair color shades are in trend and head-turning choice. Top stylists have divided it into three different tones – cool, warm, and neutral. Read on for the red hair color chart which is the stylist to use the right shade range for you. 

Warm Red color shades

If you select a warm red shade it will contain a lot of orange and yellow in them. When the red hair is more natural-looking, then it will definitely suit the pale, and cool skin tone. The more extreme the shade the more it works best against skin that is on the warmer side. 

  • Dark auburn

The most elegant and sophisticated shade that combines deep golden red, and rich, warm brown. It suits perfectly with your blue, green, warm brown, or hazel eyes.

  • Spicy ginger

If you love traditional orange-red hues, opt for a warm version of classic ginger. It looks beautiful on people with light eyes and a few freckles. 

  • Golden copper

This shade gives a warm and spicy hue. It is a blend of bright red, dark golden blonde, and light. Consider this shade if your complexion is peach, neutral, golden, or porcelain. It looks good with hazel, warm brown, green, blue eyes. 

  • Medium auburn

It is a combination of medium brown and medium golden red colors. It is a remarkable hue and perfect for porcelain complexion and blue eyes. 

  • Ginger red

One of the most natural-looking red hair color shades is ginger red. It is a spicy, medium, or light reddish-brown tone. This color suits fair skin and green or brown eyes who often have freckled complexions. 

  • Strawberry blonde

If you love your red hair, but don’t want to lose the blonde, opt for strawberry blonde. Make equal parts of red and blonde. It looks pretty when paired with warm skin tones and light eyes.

  • Chestnut 

A chestnut shade is a great option for people who want to showcase their undertones throughout their mane. To amp up the red vines, incorporate some low light red shade throughout your hair.

  • Bright copper 

Get ready to stand out from others, as this color gets noticed. It is an exciting choice of people with fair, peach-colored, or golden-toned skin with hazel or green eyes. 


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Cool red color shades

The cool red shade leans towards purple rather than orange, and as a result, it is a very less natural take on red hair colors. The brown color in red hair will create a natural look, while it leans more towards purple, the more it will stand out. Here are some cool tunes. 

  • Mahogany 

It is deep, cool, and reddish-brown in color. It suits best with fair or medium cool-toned skin and brown, green or blue eyes. 

  • Cherry brown

It is a blending of rich brown and rosy red. If you’re getting a medium to deep and cool-skin tone it will suit you with your brown eyes. 

  • Red velvet

Choose this color if your skin complexion is cool, dark, or olive with brown, emerald, or cool blue eyes. It is a rich, cool, and deep red shade which redolent to the delicious hue of red velvet cupcakes. 

  • Rose quartz

It is a sibling of rose gold color and attracts hair with its precious jewel effect, as it is much cooler. It is gorgeous and soft with some metallic platinum blonde tinted with pink. It suits best to the people of dark complexion.

  • Cherry

It is rich and deep red with a touch of brown or blue shade. It suits best on dark skin tone and brings out the richness of brown eyes. 

  • Burgundy

To give your hair some dramatic and memorable look applies burgundy. It is a dark red violet shade that suits, dark complexions or olive-tone striking with icy blue or brown eyes. 

  • Black cherry

It is a rich, deep blue black shade with a touch of dark red. It looks attractive on darker skin tones and people with brown eyes. 

  • Eggplant 

This shade is from the mid-2000s, but still, looks chic and unique. It striking with it balanced with lighter streaks of violet and tends to flatter cool and neutral skin tone perfectly. 

  • Ruby red

Ruby’s hair color is inspired by the gemstone of the same name. It is deep, rich, and clear. It creates a dramatic tone when paired with a pale, porcelain complexion with light green or light blue eyes. 

  • Magenta

You can definitely make a statement with a deep purplish-red shade. It’s one of the most favorite shades of fashion weeks and it looks best on medium-to-dark skin complexion with dark eyes. 


Neutral red hair color shade

Last but not the least, there are some shades that are not warm or cool but look attractive when you dye them. Here are neutral red hues that are worth trying.

  • Rose gold

It is the trendiest hair color and its name is inspired by the coppery pink shade. It can be subtle or intense and looks great on porcelain, olive, or tan complexions with all eye colors. 

  • Peachy red

This shade brings a breadth of life into each hue. It is similar to rose gold and creates a combination of hues that can flatter on anyone, especially fair tone. Many hair color saloons do these.

  • Cool to warm ombre

Generally cool to warm ombre creates a texture from cool to warm color. For example, garnet shade at the roots and fades to a peachier hue at the end. 

  • Russet

If you’re looking for something more natural-looking red hue, opt for russet. It is another reddish-brown shade that can be accented with golden blonde highlights and looks perfect on all skin complexions.

How to take care of your red-colored hair?

If you’re thinking that, you only have to select the perfect red tone according to your tone, then you’re wrong. You should also have knowledge about how often you should color your hair? How to style it? For proper hair care, you should follow some professional tips to avoid color fade and maintain vibrant, glossy, and gorgeous red hair color. 

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Opting for any color shade, you need to maintain it to keep your hue look fresh and stunning. Instead of updating your hair extension in the care routine to coordinate with your new color, it’s a good idea to ensure your daily routine match your hair type. If you want to know everything takes help from experts. 


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