The scarf is one of the most ignored accessories. But, we must have different scarves in our wardrobe. Custom scarf design can instantly uplift your simple and old attire.  If you want to look different from others, the custom printed scarves can help you.

Here, in this article, we are providing a complete guide to designing a custom scarf that can uplift your style. Read the following steps and convert your ideas into real prints. There are a few basic elements that you need to consider while designing print ideas for custom scarves. Let’s find out what are these important elements for custom scarves printing:

1.  Choose Your Unique Style

Well, scarves are not just for the winter season. In fact, all seasons are good for wearing scarves. For the winter season, you can choose knitted and woolen scarves. But, for the summer and spring season, you should choose cotton, polyester, or any other lightweight scarf. Therefore, first of all, you should select the right fabric for your scarf. 

Classic Cotton – This type of scarf is perfect for summer and spring season. It is good to cover your face and allow you to breathe. It can absorb sweat around your neck and make you feel cool. The cotton scarf is widely used during the summer season.

These Elegant Silk Scarf – Silk scarves look elegant, and these are perfect for special occasions. The silk scarves are beautiful and elegant. You can wear these scarves during the spring season or cold evening during summer.

Polyester Scarves – These types of scarves are extremely lightweight, and you can easily carry them. The polyester scarves are good for summer days. You can easily print any design on these scarves. 

Polyester scarves can also be used as a headband. There is no limitation for printing for the printing of designs on polyester or spandex scarf. You can design any complex print for the polyester scarf. This scarf is perfect for hot sweltering days.

Woolen Scarves– These types of scarves are perfect for winter and you can pair the custom socks with your woolen scarves.


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2.  Consider The Scarf Size And Shape

The design of the scarf will be based on the size and shape of the scarf. Thus, before you start the design process, you should determine the size and shape of the scarf. Most scarves are in rectangular and square shapes.

3. Prepare The Design

When it comes to preparing a custom scarf design, then there are two different ways – Simple vs. Complex Design. The simple design constitutes minimal elements such as bars, stripes, chevron, etc. But, if you do not like minimal elements, then you should go for complex designs. The complex scarf designs will have enormous elements from end to end.

For preparing a perfect print for your scarf, you should take inspiration from different sources. The best way for inspiration is to search for different websites for custom scarf print ideas. If you are not good at designing, then you should leave this task on professional designers.

4. Choose Colors

The colors for your design should be selected wisely. Make sure the colors you choose are contrasted with the color of your scarf. You can choose various colors for your scarf print to create a vibrant design on your custom scarf design. But, if you have a tight budget, then you should choose only a few colors. It is so because, with the increase in the number of colors in your print, the cost of printing increases significantly.

5. Translate Your Design Into Screen

It is imperative to transform your handmade design into a screen to print the design on the scarf. It is not possible to transfer your design on a scarf without translating your design into the screen.

6.  Hire The Professionals

Once you have prepared the design, then the next stage is to search the printing contractor. You should hire an experienced printing professional who can transfer your prints from paper to your scarf. You can ask for references from your friends and family. You can search online to find out the best printing contractor. Once you find the right printing service provider then share your print details. The professionals also help in printing custom socks, custom t-shirts, jersey, etc.

7.  Choose The Right Printing Technique

With the evolution of technology, there are different printing techniques available. Thus, when you hire a printing contractor, then you should ask him for different printing techniques. Find the pros and cons of different printing methods. Finally, choose the one that fulfills your requirements and also fits inside your budget.

Final Words

The printed custom scarf design is a perfect way to represent your unique style. Revels the secrets why women looks beautiful The custom scarves can easily uplift your attire and your looks. If you want to prepare a custom scarf design for you, then read the above-mentioned tips.