Here is how to pick right custom clothes for a workout session

Choosing a custom gym clothes for workout session is tricky if it’s for the first time. Undoubtedly, you require to keep fit, enhance your health, and shed some extra weight. It could be a part of routine general fitness or on the advice of a medical practitioner due to various reasons. You need to face this issue adequately and in the best way. As such you need the right outfit for your gym session. The customweekend website is overflowing with various options for custom outfits from socks, hoodies, sweatshirts and more.

There are several factors you need to consider before picking a custom outfit for the ultimate workout experience. It’s pretty disappointing exercising with an uncomfortable outfit. Keep scrolling for the tips.


Just like any other clothing, you require to choose an outfit that’ll fit you properly, and in which you feel comfortable, it should not be too tight as this will prevent free movement, and it shouldn’t be oversized in a way to scale down your performance. 

Try on the custom outfit if you’re shopping directly from a physical store. This will help in picking the correct size. If buying online, it may be tricky if you’re buying for the first time, and you may not know your right size.  

When making an order for your custom outfit, confirm if the material is stretchable. Such an option will help your body to move freely, check the labels to confirm the fabric composition, and ensure it has spandex or Lycra, which is stretchable.


Quality and durability go with the material. Most gym outfits are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex. A piece of cotton fabric is breathable, while polyester is stretchable. However, you still need the material to be sweat absorbent without retaining such sweat in the fabric. Cotton alone is not stretchable and may accumulate sweat and cause itchiness and rashes on your body. In terms of cost, the polyester is less expensive, but without other composition, it may not be suitable.  

Fabric composition is essential when it comes to the quality of the gym outfit. The best fabric should compose of a combination of cotton, spandex, and polyester. It’s worth noting that each of these components has its advantages and a role to play in terms of quality and convenience. The composition should be 80% cotton with polyester and spandex, sharing 20%. Spandex and cotton absorb moisture and are breathable, while polyester will make the outfit stretchable and comfortable.  

Sweat control  

During workouts, your body is likely to sweat, and you’ll require an outfit that is capable of addressing the sweat issue. Choose a material that absorbs and controls the sweat. The cotton material will absorb sweat and retain the moisture. The polyester material is a moisture-wicking material and leaves your body cool during the exercise. Choose a fabric that’s is dry fit and stretchable and which will absorb moisture.   


Your body needs to maintain its coolness and dryness during the workouts. A combine fabric of cotton, polyester, and spandex will address the airflow into your body. It’s the best choice and will prevent bad odor resulting from excessive sweating. Don’t let your body odor cause nuisance to other people who will be exercising with you. It’s necessary to choose the right material.  

Cost and value 

Buy an outfit that is comfortable, suitable, and one which will give you value for money. Don’t be attracted by favorable discounts on a product only to realize later the item is of cheap quality and is not satisfying. On the other hand, don’t spend too much on buying one gym outfit while you can spend the same amount to purchase two or three, which you can be alternating if you’ll be exercising daily.  

What’s the mode of purchase? Online or over the counter? Online shopping has become very popular, but it would be suitable if you’re specific on size, brand and your understand its advantages and disadvantages too. Guided by customer reviews, you’ll be in a better position to pick the most popular brand in the market. Understand the mode of payment, whether prior to or during delivery. After-sales policies such as exchange, delivery, and return policies should be clear in your mind before you buy any product online. Confirm if the policies are customer-friendly or and make an informed decision. It’s very disappointing if you buy a product, realize the size is not the correct size, or it has some shortcomings, and you cannot be remedied. If not sure, just walk into a store and buy your suitable gym outfit where the selection is open and clear.  

Brand and popularity  

The popularity of the brand can be captured from previous customer reviews. A low rating means the product is poor quality or it’s new in the market. Check on the product with a high rating and go for that brand. Avoid buying an item which you’re not guaranteed of its suitability or quality.  

Sometimes advertisements may be so sweet and enticing. Don’t be misled by such advertisements; understand the brand first. Advertisements are just sales campaign tools for the manufacturers, and any manufacturer will put the best foot forward to ensure he gets maximum sales.   


Visiting a gym session for the first time is similar to your first day in class. So many expectations and fear of not knowing what is ahead of you. Your body is being introduced to something new, and chances of rejection cannot be ruled out. The gym is very interesting if only you understand it, do it with a purpose, and choosing the right gears and accessories. It requires patience for you to achieve the goals. Consult when picking the outfit to avoid dissatisfaction on your first day.