Why is education important

Education is the process or method of acquisition of knowledge, morals, habits, skills, beliefs, values, general knowledge, developing the power of judgment and reasoning. Education is generally a process of preparing oneself or others to live a mature life. To live peacefully in your personal or professional life you need education, without education life becomes tough and sometimes very hard to live.

Education helps people to get aware of things around them; it helps people to earn by getting well-paid jobs. Most people think that education is something which a person gets in school, colleges or universities; no it is not true. Education plays a very crucial role in our life because it encourages us to differentiate between right and wrong in the absence of education, we can never understand how to figure out the right path to live.

There are three types of education: Non-formal, formal and informal.

Formal education is something that a person gets from institutes, schools, colleges, universities which is full-time and proper and is subject-oriented. By getting formal education a person gets a degree and certificates. Informal Education gives knowledge between good or bad, it prepares oneself to be intellectual for mature life. One can easily get informal education from home where we have elders who have good knowledge of moral values. Elders can share and teach real-time examples of learning and can guide us on how to live a respectful life.

Non- formal education consists of our learning which we get from time. As we live in this society, daily we experience new and different things around us. We meet new people and get new learning; it can be bad or good. It doesn’t matter if we get good learning or bad learning because at the end of the day every learning is helpful. If we get a bad lesson then it makes us stronger to deal with bad situations and if we get a good lesson it helps us to live more smoothly. So Non-formal education is something which we get from work, home, environment, people, incidents, etc.

Some people get good informal education and some get good formal education. So the best thing for any person is to get a balanced education. Parents should always spend some time with their kids so that they can teach them, guide them and make them understand how to live life because this is something only parents can give to their kids. Certificates and degrees can never teach a kid about respecting elders and loving Youngers. Schools, colleges can give certificates and degrees which help us to be independent financially, to purchase what all is necessary for a happy livelihood, and to move confidently in society.

Straightly, why is education important is the path to progress, if we want to be a successful person in life, if we want to have an independent life, if we want to be financially stable, if we want to give something good to society, we should get a good Education? Education is a topic which can just go on and on to be more precise just by discussing Education we can discuss everything from the World. To learn a Sense of discipline education is a must, to increase the economy of any country education is the base, to improve the technologies education is important, to communicate properly education is significant, to improve livelihood, to improve health systems, to improve health, education improves critical thinking skills, to identify any skills again education is must, to reduce the poverty, etc. these are just a few points which I have mentioned there are many more.

Education is a powerful tool that can change life drastically. Many children living in poverty do not have excess to even basic education, so every government must help each child in getting an education. Everyone capable of spreading awareness should aware people about the benefits of education so that it can help every person. There are many types of NOG and Government institutes that give free education and that is the topmost right of every citizen. Skills can always help be it technical or non-technical. Every person should have some kind of skill so that they can earn a good livelihood for themselves.

Learning how to stitch, how to drive, how to paint, how to draw, how to teach, how to do makeup, how to type, everything just everything, be it a small or a big comes under education. So if someone denies that they are not educated but still living a beautiful life they are living a false life because they do not know what is that skill through which they are earning or they are living a peaceful life.


If you ask me, Education is a passage to success, to a beautiful life. With the help of education, the journey of life becomes smooth and exciting. Success can only be achieved if people have skills, knowledge, and the ability to understand. Education is the only way which can show different paths to an individual to lead a meaningful life. Education brings out a permanent change in a person to think differently and to think correctly.
Education is a process which can bring positive change in our life and behavior. Educational methods include self-learning, teaching, pieces of training, research, and experiences. Education is an enlightening experience which everyone should get and everyone should understand the value of education.


If you have skills and knowledge you can win the World. You can choose any field and can lead any path; if you are skilled no one can stop you from achieving what you want in your life. Last but not least if you are fortunate enough to get formal and informal education do not forget to help others who are not as fortunate as you because by spreading knowledge you can help the World to shine. By helping others in getting an education you can proudly say that you have done something big and very important for society because you never know by your help someone can be a doctor, engineer, teacher, accountant, pilot, etc. Light the world with knowledge.