Boarding schools offer a rich culture of learning, growth, development, friendships, arts, and intellectual activities. Boarding schools are 24 hours of schools provide complete growth and development to all students. Most of the parents have a question that why should they consider a boarding school for their child? Does day schools do not have the things that a boarding school have? Most of the parents feel confused that whether a day school is better for their child or whether they should choose a boarding school for their child.

There are several numbers of reasons that indicate that a boarding school is an ideal option for you. Extracurricular activities, academics, and athletics are a few of them.

Here is a list of a few things that let you know how a boarding school is a better option for your child.

1.    Great teachers that love to teach

Most of the boarding schools have teachers with great qualification and a degree in subjects that they are going to teach in the school. These are experienced teachers with advanced degrees in their own subject. Almost all the teachers in boarding schools have been passionate in teaching their subjects. These teachers don’t have to teach just to show great results like in other public and private schools.

2.    You will have great sports facilities

The best part about boarding schools is that they offer great sports facilities. You will get proper sports teams and a range of sports activities there ranging from hockey to basketball and crew to squash and so on.


3. Surrounded mates with same passion to join colleges

You will always be surrounded by classmates who have the same passion just like as they want to join the college as you want. You will be surrounded by mates who want to learn, who wants to succeed. And it is always a great idea to get surrounded by yourself who work hard in the class to get success later. This makes boarding schools an ideal option for you.


4.    You will learn to do your work by yourself

Maturity is what you will learn along with many other things. You will learn that you are the only responsible for your actions and reactions according to a situation because you are living in a community. You will learn lots of lessons thus offer a great foundation for adulthood. It does not only make you learn academics but the overall growth is to be done in a boarding school.


5.    The class size of boarding school is small

If you choose a public or a private school for your children then higher are the chances that your child will just a number to the class of 40 students or even more. Teachers in public and private schools are not able to create a connection with every kid in the class unless your child is too smart in studies or either too bad. That is why choosing a boarding school is an ideal choice with the smaller class sizes where teachers can pay attention to each class student. Most of the boarding schools have an average of 350 to 500 students.


6.    You will learn to cope with life

It is always the most difficult task to leave your nest. Right? You will learn how to cope with the community? how to stay without your home and how to handle your own problems and situations. Of course, after a few years, your child had to leave his/her home to get success, prepare from now to get better results in the future.



Stevenson school is a school for 500-day boarding and day students. If you are not still clear that which school is the best school for you then Stevenson School is an ideal option for you. the school population is just 500 in number occupying both the boarding and day students. The school does not only working great in the academics but as well as emphasize the critical thinking and mental ability of the students. Now, if you still don’t want to choose a boarding school for your kid then Stevenson school is an ideal choice because it is both co-head boarding and day school availing all the benefits of the boarding schools.