Best Iron Supplements For Kids : What Parents Should Know

Iron Supplements For Kids

Before knowing what type of Iron supplements for kids which are are good for them, you must learn how the Iron deficiencies affect your child’s growth and development. You should explore and find out what are the signs and symptoms, how you can get the best iron supplements for kids, and what proportion of iron is enough for your child. We have answers for all these queries that pop-up in a parent’s mind. Let us discuss further:

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Kids

Your child can be deficient or anemic, iron deficiencies in kids are common nowadays. Though that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Slightest negligence can have severe consequences on your child’s brain growth and development. Here are some common symptoms that should not be left unattended:


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  • Pale/Yellowish Skin, especially around the nails, eyelids, and hands.
  • Low or Loss of Appetite
  • Unusual behavior changes 
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat 
  • Feeling light-headed or dizzy 
  • Weakness or Tiredness
  • Inability to focus or concentrate

If you notice one or more of these symptoms mentioned above in your child, then you must consult the pediatrician and go for a blood test. The only way to be sure about iron deficiency or anemia is to do a blood test.  


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Signs in Child Signaling Iron Deficiency 

There are some signs in a child that signal Iron Deficiency. The indications might include the following:

  • Minimal or no meat intake
  • Low birth weight
  • Prematurity 
  • Vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Low appetite in 2 years or above children 
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Lead poisoning 

The iron deficiency in newborns can be because of their mother’s low iron levels during the pregnancy period that leads to prematurity and low birth weight. Babies get iron from their mother and those who don’t get enough iron suffer from the deficiency that affects their growth and development. Therefore, it is recommended for all women to take a nutrition-rich diet before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Relation Between Behavior Problems and Iron Deficiency 

Many health-related studies show that children who have an iron deficiency can show unusual behavior changes. This is because their body needs iron to carry oxygen throughout their lungs and veins, and when their body doesn’t get sufficient oxygen they undergo behavioral changes. Therefore, it is not a surprise to anyone that Iron deficiencies can lead to severe health and behavioral issues in children. 

What Diet is Appropriate for Anemic Children

You should feed your child with a balanced and nutritious diet. Instead of giving them packed food with preservatives, try to consider whole food sources that are nutrition-rich and healthy. There are certain food items which are best for an anemic child, including nuts, tempeh, sprouted beans, leafy greens, and seeds. All these food items are great iron sources. You can steam and blend the leafy greens, before giving it to your child. 

If you are giving a fully packed nutritious diet to your child and they are still having an iron deficiency, then only these food items are not enough. In that case, you should supplement your child’s diet with the best liquid iron supplement. 

What type of Iron Supplements for kids

It can be tricky to find the right supplement for your children, but it is not impossible. The choice is difficult because there are many different types of supplements available. Some of which are made from natural ingredients that are good for a child’s health. Others contain man-made synthetic isolated nutrients that have a few side effects too. Even some of the supplements are made with natural vitamins but with harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Luckily, there are some of the best iron supplements for kids that don’t only use natural ingredients but also are the safest and most effective supplements. 

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While choosing the supplements for your child, you should read the ingredients carefully and look for any harmful artificial ingredients. Go for the ones containing organic or whole food and ignore those which contain synthetically isolated ingredients. 

Protect your child from iron deficiency anemia and feed them with a nutrition-rich diet. Getting a healthy and balanced diet is the key to adequate brain and muscle development. Do not neglect the deficiency signs and symptoms, and supplement your child well.