Best Way To Deal With Pregnancy Sciatica Pain

 During pregnancy, the pregnant women’s body changes very frequently which make them uncomfortable, many of them complain about swollen ankles, trouble in sleep, constipation, body pain, heartburn and a lot more. These are the body change symptoms most of the pregnant women complain during pregnancy, including sciatica pain. Sciatica is the most common symptom of pregnancy that a pregnant lady can only feel when she gets it. Some women get more effect on it and some less. The pregnant women who get more effect of sciatica pain can’t even walk sometime.


What is Pregnancy Sciatica Pain?


Sciatica (also known as a lumbosacral radicular syndrome) occurs by getting irritation and compression in the sciatic nerve due to the baby’s weight or sometimes by getting variations in the rising bump. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that runs below the uterus and affects the lower half of the body, especially buttocks, hip, and thigh.


50 and 80 % of the pregnant ladies get sciatic pain due to,


  • Lower backbone problems, such as a bulging, spondylolisthesis, or herniated disc
  • Bone changes, such as spinal narrowing, stenosis, osteoarthritis, or degenerative disc disease.
  • Muscles, piriformis syndrome, or joint problem. Joint or piriformis syndrome problem occurs due to baby’s weight when extra pressure increases on the pelvis and hip joints.
  • High-level of pregnancy hormones called relaxin.


Signs of Sciatic Pain during Pregnancy


There are many signs of sciatic pain during pregnancy,


  • Sharp, deep, shooting or burning pain on one side of your leg or foot
  • Occasional or continuous pain on the back of your thigh
  • Cold or weakness in certain part of the body or whole body.
  • Struggle in walking, standing, sleeping or sitting


The pregnancy-related sciatica pain is temporary and can be treated easily. Here’s a natural way to get relieved from pregnancy-related sciatica pain,

Best Way to Deal with Pregnancy Sciatica Pain

Chiropractic treatment:

Chiropractic is one of the best-recommended choices for sciatica treatment where your chiropractor manipulates your vertebrae, set back everything to the correct place and align the spine properly to decrease compression of your sciatic nerve.

As during pregnancy body and muscles changes frequently, so if your first Chiropractic care session provides you relieve, repeat the sessions to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Deep Tissue Massage:


If you are going through pregnancy sciatica pain, regular deep tissue massage is also the best relaxing technique to get relieved from sciatica pain. In this therapy, a massage therapist normally works deeply on the hip, lower back area, the piriformis muscle, and glute muscles. Sometimes, the therapist makes use of foam roller or tennis ball for the treatment.

Sciatica Pain


Comfortable Sleep with Pillow Support:

Your sleeping position also causes pregnancy sciatica pain. So, sleep in a manner that can release pressure from your sciatic nerve.

While sleeping keep a body pillow for pregnancy between your legs to support your rapidly growing belly and get relief from back pain.

These are the best pregnancy pillows helpful of hips, neck, back, belly, leg and foot pain. You can wash these pregnancy pillows in your washing machine and are comfortable in all temperature.




Acupuncture is a pain relief treatment that applies pressure on a specific part of the body to rebalance the flow of blood and energy, decrease pain, increase nerve and muscle relaxation. This treatment is also helpful in getting relief from sciatica pain.


Take a Warm Shower, not Hot:


Taking shower with warm water also helps in loosing up the complete body pain, joint pain, and muscles pain. Take shower only by warm water, not by hot water. Hot water shower is not so good for baby health.


Physical Therapy:


Due to high relaxing, your joints and muscles get affected and sciatica pain increases. Physical therapy is a kind of exercise therapy helpful in reducing sciatica pain by reducing irritation, cultivating blood and energy flow, and manipulating joints and muscles pain.


During pregnancy, any physical therapist doesn’t allow you to do exercises at your home by yourself, the therapist himself involve him to make sure that you are doing exercises in a correct manner or not.


Regular physical exercises with the help of a professional therapist can spread pelvic girdle to deliver baby very easily.


Ask your therapist for these four sciatic pain relieve stretch techniques,


  • Seated piriformis stretch: During pregnancy, sometimes the piriformis muscle becomes tight and irritates the sciatic nerve. This stretch technique can help in reducing the muscle’s tightness.


  • Table stretch: In this technique, you have to use a table to stretch your muscles of the back, buttocks, foot, and legs. This technique target low back, spinal stabilizers, and hamstrings.
  • Hip flexor stretch: In this hip flexor stretch technique; you move your leg forward like walking which is helpful in providing relief to the muscles, flexors, and the front of the hip.
  • Glute and hamstring foam rolling: Use an inexpensive foam roller (act like a mini massage roller) to massage your muscles. Foam rolling technique helps in tightening your body muscles.


Prenatal Yoga:

Similar to physical therapy and chiropractic care, prenatal yoga can reduce sciatic nerve pain and back pain by decreasing nerve compression and realigning bones and muscles.

Again like physical therapy and chiropractic care, we suggest you do the prenatal yoga with the help of a professional yoga specialist who is specialized in treating pregnant ladies through yoga techniques. Better to join a prenatal yoga class to get all type of attention and care you need at that time.

Wear Comfortable Shoes:

Pointed high heel shoes also cause back pain and pain in other areas of your body, so wear flat shoes that are soft and comfortable.

During pregnancy, you may fall down in high heel shoes which is not good for your baby health.

Best Practices

Always call your doctor if you are getting such kind of pain, instead of taking pain-relieving pills without concerning doctor. Your doctor will suggest the best meditation, treatment, exercises, and pills get relief from such pain.

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