10 Effective cold emails prospective new clients

I have been emails prospective clients for the past 3 years and these templates have been some of most effective ones. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools out there. As a matter of fact, well designed cold emails can have as much as 22% open rates on average.  

Key tips to sending emails prospective want to see in their inbox

  • Write an attention grabbing headline
  • Stay brief and to the point in you email body
  • Create an outline of how you can solve the customer’s problem
  • Provide a quick and easy way to discuss your solutions
  • Maintain a friendly and conversational tone
  • Avoid being too pushy or sounding like an used car salesman

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Here’s my top 10 most effective emails prospecting for new clients

The “to-the-point” Email


Hi [First Name],

Let me introduce myself. I’m [First Name] and I’m with [Company Name] a [insert what your company does] based in [Location]. We collaborate with companies like yours to find creative solutions to [Insert Pain Point].

I wanted to reach out and discuss, if we can work together. Please let me know when we can connect.

And if, I should rather be talking to another person within the company, I’d be really grateful if you forwarded this email to him instead.  


The “Solution-USP” Email

Hey [First Name],

Found out about your company through [Insert how you heard about them] and wanted to reach out. I work for a company that [Insert one solution you can provide] at very affordable prices. 

Can I request 5 minutes of your time to talk about how we can work together? 


The “Concerned Friend” Email


Hey [First Name],

This is [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I wanted to know how you’re currently solving [Insert Problem].

Have you also given thought to [talk about how your company can help]. 

If it’s not a bother, can we hop into a quick call on Skype? It’s gonna be 5 minutes tops.

P.S. if you believe, I’ve reached the wrong person in your company and the right person would love to hear from me, can you please direct me towards the right direction?



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The “Formal” prospecting email

Hi [First Name],

A good day to you [First Name]. I am reaching out to you on behalf of [ Company Name]. We are [List Your Services] who provides innovative solutions at [insert USP]. 

We have built this company from the ground up, having served both small and large companies like yours. Currently, our roster of clients include [Client Name]. You can learn more about some of the solid work we do, when you visit [Link to Case Study]. 

[First Name] let’s figure out if we can work together. I’m sure if we discuss, you’ll find lots of avenues where we can collaborate and help each other out. 

You can reach me by mail or request to set up a Skype meeting.


The “Curious George” prospecting Email

Hi [First Name],

I am [Your Name] a [Job Position] at [Your Company]. I found about your company [Client Company Name] at [tell them how you heard about them] and wanted to reach out. 

Can you tell me how you are currently [Insert problem your company solves]. Most clients I work with are currently outsourcing [insert Problem] and getting great results. 

Would it be possible to connect via Skype and discuss how we can work together? 


The “Flattery” Email

Hey [First Name],

First of all, I’d like to congratulate on creating an amazing product. As a user that is greatly benefited by your product, I’ve been really interested to collaborate with you. My company [insert company name] does [insert your solutions] for businesses like yours. 

Last week we solved a major problem at [insert how you helped a client] and they were a company very similar to yours. 

I strongly believe we can work together on multiple projects and get great results. 

Can I request 5 mins of your time for a quick chat? Let me know.


The “Reverse-role play” Mail

Hey [First Name],

I wanted to drop in a quick hello and ask how [Your company] solves [Insert Problem]. I’m a [Job Position] and for the last few weeks, I’ve been talking to potential users of my product on how I can help them better. 

Do you think you can help? I would really appreciate some feedback or if possible, even a quick online meeting.


The “Solutions First, Talk Second” Email


Hi [First Name],

This is [Your Name], and I am a [Job Title and Company]. Let me come clean. I was analyzing your [Website/Social Media/Logo/Software] and wanted to share a few tweaks that would make your life easier. 

Firstly, I think your current system is great at [List One Thing The Competitor is Good At] but it could be better at [Insert Your Company’s Strengths ].  Do you think you are open to discussing how we can [Insert Problem and Solution]. 


The “Origin Story” email 

Hello [First Name],

Let me introduce myself. I am [Your First Name] and I am the [Job Position] at [Your Company]. We started this company a few years ago after realizing that there were very few companies trying to solve [Insert Problem] in an effective/affordable way. The current system lacked a lot of essential features, the business model was outdated and customers simply hated working with the existing system. 

Enter [Your Company]. We are completely changing the way things work with [Your Industry]. We are currently disrupting the industry by doing things a bit differently. As a result our clients have save x% and increased their revenue x%. 

Can we connect and discuss how [Your Company] can help you increase sales. 



The “Problem-Case Study-Solution”

Hi [First Name],

[Sales/Branding/HR/Problem statement] can be a very tricky. Especially, in your industry.

Did you know, we solved [Insert Problem]  and increased [Sales/Productivity] by X for [Client Name] by [Describe Your Solution].

I am confident that we can do similar things for you as well. If you are interested, let’s hop in for a quick call. I won’t be longer than 10 mins.



Emailing a cold prospect can be tricky. However, when you stick to it, it can bring amazing results. The key to getting more clients through this method is to find email templates that work and double down on it. In order to do that, try to understand your customers better. Test out your Emails and see which templates get more replies. Additionally, know that clients won’t instantly jump on your offer. Build a relationship with the prospect and gently nudge him from being a cold prospect to warm and then hotter as he goes along the line.

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