How many of us think about the air we are inhaling? Just a very few people, However, it is a matter of concern as air quality directly impacts our well-being. The polluted and dusty air leads to several health issues like asthma, breathing issues, and neurological problems. We can’t control the outdoor air entirely, but we can purify the indoor air quality by eliminating a myriad of pollutants. It could be done via installing air purification systems in homes and offices. Several air purification solutions providers in Ohio and other parts of the US can help you in this context. 

Air purifiers are filtration devices that are specially designed to remove toxins and hazardous gases from the atmosphere, keeping the air clean and healthy. However, you need to buy them carefully from a trusted vendor. 

Also, you need to identify where the bad air comes from within your home or office. For example, office equipment like the photocopy machine, fax machine, personal computers, and home appliances like gas stoves are all culprits of emitting pollutants. These are easy options like changing to an alternative appliance or enclosing your office copiers in an enclosed room, which will eventually help improve the air quality.

Moreover, circulating indoor air with outdoor air is also imperative as studies have affirmed that often enough, outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air by 2 to 5 times. However, it is quite daunting to open doors and windows in the office, but you can do it comfortably at home. This will help you ventilate the used air with outdoor air, which often contains more nutrients. And if your home also includes an art or pottery studio where you paint your art pieces, it is advisable to air your workroom more often.

Effective air purification systems can remove particles from 10 to 0.001 microns depending on the type of air filtration systems adopted. Particles like dust, virus, bacteria, gas, smoke, and odor are amongst the main pollutants removed, but you will need to do some research to find out which is the most suitable one for you. Moreover, stay away from ozone ionic cleaners as they emit ozone, a toxic gas in the human body.

Types Of Air Pollutions Eliminated By Air Purifiers

1. Radon Gas Pollution:

Radon gas is the major source of indoor air pollution. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Radon gas emerged from radioactive uranium decay naturally under the home surface. It can lead to lung cancer, breathing issues, chest pain, and cough. Radon gas is the second leading cause of the illness which is also worsened by smoking. Radon can be found everywhere in our surroundings. Therefore, testing your household for radon and using an air purification system is vital.

2. Chemical Fumes & VOC:

The pollutants that emerge from chemicals are called volatile organic compounds. Few of them are caused by building construction and tobacco use. However, most chemicals in this class are formaldehyde and benzene, which are present in furniture upholstery, carpets, drapes, or home cleaning products. Some other types are beauty items such as nail removers, nail polish, and the like also emit chemical fumes. It is imperative to note that most of these chemicals cause cancer. To alleviate exposure to such pollution, the best solution is to use products that produce catalytic oxidation.

3. Pollution Caused By Microbial Organisms:

Microbial organisms are nothing but microscopic bacteria like fungi, mildew, mold, and mycotoxins- a toxic secondary metabolite emerged by organisms of the fungus and several viruses. Furthermore, damp and moist places boost the spread of these bacteria.

Find oxidation products in the market that kill microbial bacteria, for it is the ideal solution so far for this type of pollution.

4. Pollution Caused By Particulate:

When you look at the sunlight coming through a glass door or window, you will notice particles floating in that ray of light. Those are particulates. These are majorly composed of dust, pollen, smoke, etc. 

Using air purification solutions is an effective way to fight off pollution caused by particulates. You can also use negative ions to reduce or eliminate such a threat to your health.

The Bottom Line-:

A clear understanding of different indoor pollution types helps you choose the right air purification systems.