Travel Guide to Your First Experience in Munich’s Oktoberfest

Are you going to Oktoberfest for the first time this year? You must have heard so much about this festival from your friends and family, but before you dive into the barrels of sweet, mouthwatering beer, you need to know a few things.

Perhaps, Oktoberfest remains the most famous and renowned event that takes place in Munich. Although it takes place in Munich, due to its popularity, other cities and countries around the world also hold these special celebrations, also attracting visitors. Munich’s festival is a two-three weeks celebration; where tourists and Germans alike don their best and finest Oktoberfest leaseholder and women flaunt their dirndl dress. It is more about spending nights and days having the best time, drinking beer, dancing in giant tents, and eating pretzels.

Here are some tips on how you can enjoy your first experience and have the best time during your stay.

Grab the Best Lederhosen or Dirndl Dress

If this is your first visit, you need to ensure that you blend in just as the locals do. For that, you need to invest in the best lederhosen for men or a dirndl dress for women from a Lederhosen Store. The men’s lederhosen features suede leather pants, suspenders, checkered shirt, and other accessories like lederhosen shoes, hats, and vests. This year, make sure that you choose the costume in darker and lighter color tones. Go for lederhosen featuring intricate embroidery, buckles, buckhorn style buttons, and more details that will ensure you blend in like the locals.


Among the lederhosen for sale in stores, you will also find others like the dirndl dress for women. You should ensure that you choose a style you prefer (a comfortable one). The dirndl dress for women often features a blouse, bodice, skirt and an apron. Each element featuring the best details. The blouses come in plain variations, with long or short sleeves, frills, or simple. The bodice has laces, hooks, and more styles to enhance the cleavage and give the chest a better contour. Skirts come in different variations, including floral prints, patterns, or simple pastel colors.

Of course, do not forget to add the cherry on top, yes, and the apron! The aprons also come in simple, plain color options to prints and patterns. Each one with its own unique touch. Do not forget to add a bow or knot!

Be sure of the Date

Once your plans are set, and you are all ready to book your train ride or your flight, you need to be sure of the dates. Do not fall for the trap of some agencies giving you wrong dates and booking in the middle of October. If you get the information that the event is in the mid of October, and it will last for a month, you are all set to miss all the fun.

You need to know that Oktoberfest ends on the first Sunday in the month of October, lasting 16 days. It will kick off in the last week of September, through to the first Sunday in October.

Go Early

Once you are all set, dressed up in your lederhosen costume, the next important step is to enter the event on time. You should go early since each tent has over 100,000 seating arrangements for visitors. This means each tent is sure to bustle with the noise and chattering of people. Try to get to the venue before 10:30, or else you will only find each one fully occupied.

If you miss a seat, then be ready to stand on your feet throughout. You should expect lots of singing, drinking, dancing, and tapping your feet. You will only be able to grab a seat if visitors are willing to share their bench with you. In advance, you can also consider per-booking seats.

Drink Beer and Eat as Much as You Can

What is Oktoberfest without beer! When you attend Oktoberfest for the first time, do not miss some of the finest quality beer that comes from all corners of the globe. You should also enjoy eating as much as you can! The festival will have platters of sausages, roasted chicken, pretzels, and other classic German meals.

Drink Beer and Eat as Much as You Can

Oktoberfest is definitely the most amazing and exciting festival, you should not afford to miss. Every year, Oktoberfest is beyond the expectations of visitors. Whether you are a fan of beer or not, Oktoberfest always has something in store for you. In your first visit, get ready to have the best time of the year dancing to German folk songs, flaunt your Oktoberfest leaseholder, and eat the best meals, singing, dancing and just indulging in unlimited fun!

During your visit, make sure that you also squeeze some time to explore the corners of the city. Visit nearby attractions, museums, parks, and simply have a great stay!

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