Every man (and most women) loves a beard. However, some men simply can’t grow a beard no matter how much they try. But why exactly is the boon of beard deprived from some people? There are always some who, despite the best beard oil or beard gel, can’t seem to get a decent beard. Well, there could be more than one reason behind it. Let’s take a look at why some men can’t grow a beard even if their life depended upon it.

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Unlike the common misconception, the primary driving force behind beard growth is not testosterone, but DTH. Dihydrotestosterone is naturally synthesized from testosterone in your body and directly impacts hair growth in your body. The DTH molecule binds itself with the receptors on the skin surface and stimulates hair growth. When people have low DTH, they are unable to grow hair. Thought the lack of hair growth can theoretically occur anywhere, it is the most common in case of facial hair in men.

However, low DTH does not mean low testosterone. Some men simply lack the ability to synthesize DTH despite having ample testosterone. Thus, it is far too common to see men with all the perks of testosterone, like huge muscles and stronger build, but smooth cheeks due to low DTH.

But, why do some people have low DTH? There are some factors at play here, but the most significant factor is genetics. Yeah, if you can’t grow a beard, your parents (and ancestors in general) are to be blamed. The ability to synthesize DTH is largely genetic in nature. Alternatively, the problem might be genetic but not hereditary. Sometimes, a mutation in the genes renders the body unable to efficiently synthesize DTH. And sorry to break it to you, but there is not enough ways to fight genetics. There are certain treatments that force the body to synthesize DTH more efficiently, but they often come with their own side-effects. So, if genetics is the reason behind your lack of a decent beard, there is not much you can do about it.

However, genetics is not always the cause behind it. Sometime, purely physical limitations can impact the synthesis of DTH. For instance, research have found that obese people have a lower ability to synthesize DTH, and thus, often have no or a patchy beard. In such scenarios, better diet and more exercise seem like some good options. Not only can you become fit again, but also get a magnificent beard in the bargain. Sometimes, DTH production in the body is hampered by external agents that have a tendency to inhibit the synthesis. Rosemary oil (found in soaps and perfumes), soy, rice bran and zinc are some of such agents. If you have low DTH levels, it would be wise to avoid them from your lifestyle. Beard oil is found to have a great stimulating impact on the face and promote hair growth.

There are also medical conditions that can leave you unable to grow a beard, despite decent DTH levels. Alopecia is a condition which is caused when the immune system of your body accidentally starts attacking your own hair follicles. Another common condition is anemia, caused due to deficiency of iron in the body. Both of these conditions are not permanent, but require proper treatment before you can regain your beard growth.

Even if you still can’t grow a beard, there is some silver lining to this. It has been found that people who have high sensitivity to DTH have a tendency to go bald early in their life. Thus, your baby face will at least ensure that when you bearded folks are walking around with a bald head, you would still have your luscious hair on you.

So, like you saw, there are various reasons why some men are unable to grow a beard. Some cases are reversible with methods as simple as beard oil; others are not. In any case, it is your confidence that really matters and a lack of beard can’t affect that.