If you are installing a Netgear wifi range extender for the router. So I would advise you to buy and install Extended with the dual-band network. Because a dual-band network has many advantages. Before buying a dual-band network, you should deem which networks are included in the dual-band network. Dual-band networks include 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks. The 2.4GHz network is usually used for the more & ultimate network coverage. By enabling this network, you can access the network anywhere in the whole house. In addition, by enabling the 5GHz network, you can do HD streaming, gaming, and web surfing without any interrupted signals. But sometimes the error occurs in the Netgear extender not connecting to the 5G network. Then, the user will not be able to experience fast & high-speed Wi-Fi network connectivity.

As well, the Netgear extender has a smart LED light that is very helpful to find the outstanding location & signal strength. To enable and check the 5GHz network, you need to log in. From mywifiext login interface, you will be able to log in. After login into the Netgear extender, you will get the setup wizard. Through this wizard, the setting of the extender is quickly configured. 

Major causes: Netgear Extender Not Connecting To 5G Network

If you are trying to connect a Netgear extender to a 5ghz network. But the extender is not connecting to the 5Ghz network. So you should know the reason behind it. Because when you know the reason then only the problem will be solved. Also, sans a 5Ghz network, you will not be able to enjoy a high-speed WiFi network. In addition, you will not be able to stream video nor will you be able to play online gaming with your friend. Let us see its reason.

  • Maybe your existing main Wi-Fi router is not configured with a 5GHz network 
  • Maybe your range extender does not support a 5GHz network
  • Not configure the wireless channel
  • Network connectivity error in your home networking device 
  • More gap between the Netgear extender & Wi-Fi router 
  • Using or filling up the wrong Wi-Fi password

Solutions: Netgear extender not connecting to 5G network 

If you are looking for a solution to Extender not connecting to the 5Ghz network problem. So you have chosen and opened the right page on your own. Through this page, you will be able to know the different solutions. With this, the problem will be solved easily.

Changes in the position of the Netgear extender

To solve the problem of the 5Ghz network, you should change the position of the extender. Because sometimes the extender is placed in the heating source and in the corner of the house. Because of this, it is not able to connect to the 5G network. So for this, you should always place the extender in the center of the house. Also, place the extender to achieve better signals near the WiFi router. By doing this the extender will work properly. And it will also be able to connect to the 5G network.

Verify & configure the 5GHz network of your router

If the WiFi router is not connecting to a 5G network then you have to check that your router supports a 5Ghz network. Because if your router will not connect to the 5G network then obviously your extender will not connect to the 5G network. To check and configure the 5G network, you need to log in to the router. You can easily log in to Rotor using the ip address. Then you go to wireless settings and find the option from the network. After that, open the option from the network and check it easily. If the 5G network is not configured, you need to configure it. 

Disable the 2.4GHz network 

If the 2.4GHz network is enabled, then the Netgear extender does not connect to the 5GHz network. Then, for that, you need to disable the 2.4GHz network. To disable the 2.4G network, you have to open the web-based interface. Just mention & reach on the login page. From the login credentials, log in. Afterward, you have to open the network setting under the Wireless setting. Now, you can efficiently disable the 2.4G network. 

Restart the Netgear extender 

To resolve the issue, you can restart the Netgear WiFi range extender. To restart the extender, initially, you go to the extender. Then, local & hold the power button until the power status is off. Afterward, unhook from the wall outlet & leave in a cool area. After a couple of minutes, plug the extender back & start it.