Must have Souvenir Items in your Shopping List – Infographic

Must have Souvenir Items

Anyone wanting to take a break from whatever monotonous routine they have can go out, travel, and enjoy once in a while. A lot of people love remembering the memories they have on their trips and bringing home souvenirs from the places they visit to let them cherish the memories even more. However, it may be challenging to determine which one to bring home.


Tourists can bring home various art pieces ranging from prints to posters to put up in their very own art collection. Travelers can pick up one piece of art from each city they visit to fill their gallery.

Purchasing small art pieces mean being able to carry them home, but bigger ones will need shipping for tourists to bring home. Fortunately, most travel destinations have loads of shops that are willing to ship the items either for a price or for free if they spent significant amounts of money.


Some travelers can choose to buy jewelry as a remembrance. Pieces of jewelry are excellent souvenirs and gifts that save space in a tourist’s luggage. Some travel destinations have their unique pieces of jewelry that are heartwarming and meaningful. You can even have your name on the jewelry.

Buying expensive jewelry can be risky, which is why the stones will need to have a certificate and the jewelry having proper forms to ensure that nothing in the piece is illegal.


The local food plays a massive part in the experience of traveling since it gives travelers something new for their taste buds. People tend to crave what they tasted during a vacation and bringing some of them home can satisfy your cravings. They may not last long, but feeling the delicious local food once more makes it worth it.


Bringing home handicrafts mean bringing home a glimpse of the local culture. Purchasing handicrafts does not only let you bring home a souvenir but also help by putting money on the local artisan.


Maps are common souvenirs found in every country meant to keep people from getting lost. Getting lost makes it easy for travelers to be targeted by thieves.

People may opt to use cellphones fitted mapping services, but paper maps are still quite popular in the tourism business since travelers can take them home as souvenirs after traveling.


Postcards may be considered obsolete thanks to the presence of emails, but they can be used as a postmark of the place you just visited. Getting a postcard collection is also easy since some hotels give them out for free and some shops still sell them.

In case you missed the chance to get a perfect photograph of any local monuments, postcards can serve as a substitute since they’re filled with images of the local structures.


Clothes are popular souvenirs, especially t-shirts, since a traveler can wear them and be reminded of the experiences they had during the trip. Almost every tourist shop sells t-shirts with various designs to choose from.

T-shirts are excellent for parties and concerts and can serve as excellent conversation starters for other travelers. You’ll have to make sure that you wear them though as they can collect dust mites.

Should your t-shirt become too-small or overused, you can repurpose them to become other household items or wearables.

To get more information on what souvenir you should consider buying, see this infographic by Geotees.

Must have Souvenir Items in your Shopping List - Infographic