6 Important Things To Know Before Garage Door Replacement

Important Things To Know Before Garage Door Replacement

Are you worried about the weird noises produced at every garage door operation? Or is it too old? It may be the time to call the garage door company for repair or replacement.

The lesson I have learned the hard way is that never ignore the signs of damage when it comes to the garage door. You are putting your life, your vehicle or your loved ones at risk. Missing an important meeting, event, party or office are among the collateral damages.

So, once you have identified a major issue with your garage door, you have weighed your options between repair and replacement. A simple arithmetic rule is that when repair costs more than half of the replacement costs, get it replaced.

Here are 6 important things to consider before you request garage door installation services. You should be not thinking about installing it on your own. The reason is pretty simple. It is very risky!

1. Choose A Door Design Using Software

When you step into a retail shop to look at the door designs, making a decision is pretty difficult. You only have to rely on your imagination or guesswork. Technology has provided us an amazing solution. Visit the manufacturer’s website for choosing the right design.

A lot of manufacturers have software on the website that allows you to upload the picture of your garage.

You can pick any of the door design and color, insert it in the picture and check the final look. You can play around with different frames, hardware, and colors to find the one you like.

2. Always Buy Heavy Duty Springs

 A normal garage door function requires different springs. There are extension and torsion springs. You can look up and find the heavily coiled torsion springs in the garage door.

Most of the garage door injuries and accidents occur due to broken or damaged springs. Pay a little more money to buy heavy-duty springs. The quality of spring is generally rated as the number of times it can open and close in a lifetime.

Standard springs are rated for about 10,000 cycles in their lifetime. A standard spring will retire after five good years. If you pay a little more, you can buy a spring with estimated 20,000 cycles. You will not have to worry about repairs and replacements for the next ten years.

3. Upgrade Door Insulation

The garage door plays a huge role in the energy efficiency of our homes. Even if we don’t know about it, a well-insulated garage door cuts down the utility bills.

 If you are buying a new garage door, consider buying a garage door with polyurethane insulation. It doubles up the R-value from the standard 2-inch polystyrene door insulation. For those of you who don’t know, R-value is the insulating effectiveness of a garage door.

The upgrade is worth your investment.

Wood Doors Need High Maintenance

4. Wood Doors Need High Maintenance

Are you inspired by fancy wood garage doors? They do look as they came straight out of a Hollywood movie and instantly crack up the curb appeal of a home. But rethink about the maintenance efforts.

Are you prepared to keep the wood door safe from extra moisture as there is always a risk of wood expansion? You will have to devote time and money to maintain them in good shape. You will need to recoat the door if you opted for natural refinishes. If you sum up the costs, it is pretty expensive.

Don’t lose hope! There is a cheap and low-maintenance alternative. You can buy embossed steel garage door with a faux wood grain finish in less than $1000.

5. Request An In-Person Quote

When it comes to the garage door, online orders are simply not the solution. You should always request an on-site evaluation by a knowledgeable salesperson to do the measurements. They have the expertise to check the details such as door size, shape, side clearance and can help you choose designs.

Getting an in-person quote is a must. If you want to find the most affordable garage door company, shop around. Request estimates from at least three companies.

6. Avoid DIY Garage Door Installation

Keep one simple rule in your mind. You should only attempt a DIY garage door installation when you are properly trained to do so. Always hire a reputed installation company for the services. In case of emergency, feel free to request a 24/7 emergency garage door service in Minneapolis MN.