How to Pack Your Shoes to Perfect for a Long Distance Move

How to Pack Your Shoes to Perfect for a Long Distance Move

When you are moving, the collection of exotic shoes that you have can become a conundrum. They come in different sizes and shape, have perky protruding and are dirty with a lot of mess from wearing them. But, despite all the reasons, you cannot just leave your shoes behind, because if you have them in numbers, you surely are a shoe enthusiast. While packing the other items in the closet can be tricky but manageable, it can take some extra efforts and measures to safely pack and move your shoes. You can always hire the Long Distance Moving Companies in Fort Lauderdale, as they take care of packing all items in your moving list including shoes, you must know the basics of packing shoes for any future situation or maybe to keep an eye over the movers you have hired. Here are some tips that will help you pack faster and more efficiently:

Sort your shoes and get rid of the extra pairs:

Let’s be honest! We all have some extra pair of shoes in our closet that we haven’t worn in years and maybe won’t wear for a few more. If this is the case, why waste time, effort and resources in packing the shoes, you aren’t going to wear them anyway. Instead of packing these shoes that just keep the space in your closet occupies, invest your time in packing the ones you use and at the same time, get rid of the extra pairs. Sell or donate the extra pairs and make things easier.

Use socks to stuff the shoe:

Packing shoes are tricky and you can end up ruining the shape of your shoes with wrong packing practice. An easy way to make sure that your shoe maintains its original shape during the move is stuffing it with a pair of socks. Depending upon the shape and size of the shoe, you can stuff one or more pair of socks and make your shoe tighter in shape. This not only helps you keep the shoes in shape but also sorts your socks packing efforts.

Take extra care of the nicer pairs:

We all have some unique, expensive and too-precious pair of shoes that we cannot afford to lose. When you are moving, take extra care of such pairs by boxing them up individually. Take an appropriately sized box, put your expensive shoes in it and scrunch packing paper on the sides to make them stick to one place. Now pack the box and tape it to perfection.

Pack shoes with a tea bag: 

If you are packing all the shoes in a single box, you may be exposed to getting some of the soiled. The running shoes are often smelly but your elegant heals aren’t. To make sure there is no mess up in the packaging and all your shoes come out smelling fresh, put a tea bag in the box while packing the shoes.

These are some easy tips to pack shoes when moving. The expert packers and movers for long distance can, however, take the best care of your shoes packing woes.