How to choose curtains size for windows

9 Tips on How to Choose Curtains Size and Drapes for Your Windows

Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect custom curtains for your windows?

Well, don’t worry as I will discuss the best tips and tricks on how you can choose curtains color and drapes for your windows.

Curtains, as any designer will tell you, can drastically affect a space, but only when they are selected perfectly.

It’s all about curtain color and fabric, thickness and liner, and custom-made vs off-the-shelf when it comes to window treatments.

With so many possibilities, it’s easy to get carried away, so we enlisted the help of a few experts to find the most suitable choices and choose the appropriate curtains for your house.

1. Patterns and Colors:

Curtains take up a lot of visual space and have a significant effect on the design of your house. Request a sample of the textiles you’re examining; this will help you choose the correct shade.

Take them into the room you’re working on and place them against the couches, chairs, and walls.

2. Hardware:

Curtain rods should be “in harmony” with the cloth. Heavy curtains, such as velvets, look great on huge, ornamental rods, but light silks and sheers look great on lighter, thinner rods.

On the other hand, hardware must complement the interior of the house, and it’s a good idea to repeat material or a theme. If you have lights or chairs, a light drapery pole would be appropriate.

3. Size of the Curtains:

Even though the curtains will be pulled most of the time, they should always be near twice the width of the window. It’s also critical that they’re sufficiently long.

They can drip on the ground for an aesthetic look or skim for a more streamlined and tidier look.

That is the reason custom curtains should be appropriately designed to achieve the desired look.

Short drapes should brush the window sill. It’s best to purchase panels that are long and then have them trimmed if you’re buying store-bought panels instead of having them custom produced.

4. Fabric Options for Curtains:

Cotton is adaptable and easy to maintain, whereas velvet is opulent and intimate but can be too heavy for some areas. Sheers are light and elegant, but they don’t provide much privacy, and wool is thick but robust enough to support fringe and tassels.

5. Patterns and Prints:

Stick with solid curtains if you have patterned furnishings or a bed (or an ornate rug). Choose patterned curtains if you have solid-color furniture or linens.

Choose a small, moderate print, such as dots or paisley, that looks textured from a distance for a subtle pop of style and excitement. A large, graphic poster in a complementary color to the current décor is risky, but it can pay off handsomely.

6. Starting from the Scratch:

When you start from scratch, you have more possibilities across the field. This is the ideal time to take a risk on home design items you adore, such as curtains.

You’ll have quite a higher chance of integrating curtains into any space, whether they’re one of the first home design pieces you choose, regardless of color, texture, or fabric.

Just keep in mind that any home décor furnishings or accent pieces you choose to begin with will inevitably limit your designing options for the remainder of the area.

7. Off The Shelf Custom Curtain Treatment:

You may modify the measurements to the size of your window and produce a tailored effect, similar to a well-fitting suit. From fabric to header style, customized panels come in a plethora of design options. These possibilities, however, come at a significant price premium above off-the-shelf curtain panels.

8. Layering:

While layering isn’t compulsory, it can help give your area depth and bring your particular ideas to the forefront. The favorite aspect is that it may be completed in phases, allowing you to stick to your current expenditure.

9. Light and Privacy:

When picking the color of your curtains, keep the interior of the space in mind. If possible, think about how the color of your curtains will suit the exterior of your property.

It’s critical to consider how much privacy you require from your curtains. Attractive curtains that permit light into a room may not be successful in ensuring a high standard of privacy, particularly at night when your home’s lights are on.

Final Words

Well, who doesn’t like custom curtains?

Getting your windows the attention they deserve is the best thing you can do to decorate your home.

When it comes to the customization of curtains, you must keep all the above tips in mind. It will not only help you in making the right choice, but it will also assist you in achieving the best possible look for your home.

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