Have you ever wondered how long bedroom curtains can hang? If you have a guest, is it better to open the curtains in Dubai during the day or at night? Do you ever wonder how long a curtain can hang?

Help to maintain the color and look

Curtains should always be hung for a good part of the day. This will help to preserve their color and their look for the whole length of the season. You should not hang around them long enough to be worn out and looked at the next morning.

Position the curtains

When you have your curtains in the right position, it is straightforward to remember how long the curtain is. Position the curtains so that when you open the door of the room, the curtains are down and the lights are out. You should have a minimum of two candles and the curtains hanging down about afoot. If you have more than this amount of lighting, you can increase the height of the curtains, but this will ruin the look.

Daylight is best

For those curtains that have a privacy or shade factor, you should have enough sunlight to make it possible to close them without a shadow. Even though there is a shade factor on the curtains, if the shadow is long enough to fall on the fabric, it will not be a comfortable place to sit or sleep.

The type of curtains is also essential to the answer to how long bedroom curtains can hang. You should be able to see the silhouette of the person in front of you.

Wireless curtains

A particular type of curtains is called wireless curtains. They are great for the room and the privacy aspect. They open and close automatically, so you do not have to remember to turn them on and off every time you need to use the room.

Reversible curtains

Some curtains have the ability to pull up and hang in only one place. These curtains are known as reversible curtains. They also offer you a large amount of freedom in using the room.

Easy to go out

As an example, if you have a dark room and want to make it lighter, you can pull down the curtains so that the place is brighter. These curtains are great for places that have full decor. They are easy to go out, and they do not cost a lot.

Made with natural fabrics 

Cords that have more coverage are more comfortable to use, and they cost less than others. These are more costly than regular curtains because they have sheer or heavy backing on them. Some of the curtains are made with naturally dyed fabrics, and some are colored.

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Proper selection of curtains

With the appropriate range of curtains, you can enhance the looks of any room in the house, and you will be making the right choice by choosing the correct style. Just remember to ask the expert on how long bedroom curtains can hang and what types of curtains are available. They can give you a good idea of the styles and brands to choose from.

Easily obtainable

If you want to be creative and make a statement, then it is easy to do this. For example, you could use stretch, pin, and taffeta curtains for the bedroom. These are easily obtainable, and the best part is that they do not need much maintenance, and they still look great. You can also make curtains from a cotton fabric. For the living room, curtains made of textiles will look great.

For a rustic look, you can try making curtains using a jute fabric. You can either use a natural jute fabric such as used in Kashmir, or you can wear it with a turmeric weave. It is important to note that those in Kashmir will be wearing white rather than an auburn color.


Many people want to use curtains in the evening for their bedrooms, and they are amazed at how long they can hang them and still look cute during the night time. After using the window treatments, you will realize just how long the curtains can hang.