How immigration lawyers Perth can help you to get an Australian visa?

How Immigration lawyers can help?

 The Immigration lawyers Perth are understanding that dealing with negative decisions by the Department of Immigration can be very stressful. In these times, if you want to have a genuine relationship with your lawyer and want to be guided through the process with confidence.

They are specialized in complex visa situations and will help you with below things:

  • Responding to the notices for considering the cancellation and refusal
  • Visa cancellations and refusal
  • Citizenship refusal
  • Appeals to the administrative appeals tribunal which is formerly known as RRT and MRT
  • Appeals to the Federal courts
  • If you have received the visa refusal notification, then it is important that you should seek the legal advice immediately as there are various strict timelines for applying and reviewing of the decision.

Migration of Family and Partner Visa

The Australian immigration law is providing the pathways for Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand citizens and permanent residents sponsor their certain family member for joining them in Australia.

However, Australia’s family migration laws are very complex and it is always essential to obtain the correct and clear advice to avoid the lengthy delays and the negative outcomes.

The lawyers of Estrin Saul understand the importance and ensuring to the family members who are reuniting with their relatives in Australia.

The top immigration lawyers are working closely with the family members in every step of the process and ensuring the favorable and timely outcomes.

This immigration lawyer near me are specialized in assisting the family members in obtaining visas as below:

  • Prospective Marriage visas for fiances
  • Partner visas for the married and defact
  • Child visas
  • Parent visas
  • Student visa
  • Career visas
  • Adoption visas
  • New Zealand family visa
  • Employer sponsor and Business visas

If you want more information about the short term skilled visa list and also the medium and long term strategic skills lists.

If you are looking for the best immigration solicitors for business and wants to sponsor the employees for working in Australia or the qualified individual who wants to migrate with the help of the sponsor then the Registered Migration Agents will simplify the process for you at a very competitive price.

They are having extensive experience in helping the companies both large and small to streamline the visa applications and minimize the business impact. In the current government facilitate the strict compliance-based approach is followed and they are focusing on helping the businesses and ensuring to meet the ongoing sponsorship obligations.

The key areas with which they can assist you are as below:

  • Business sponsorship and compliance with ongoing obligations
  • Long term work visas
  • Training visas
  • Short term work visas
  • Business investor visas
  • Training visas
  • Employer-sponsored permanent residence

They are also providing immigration training to the human resources staff and ensuring that they are understanding the importance of visa compliance.

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Citizen Special Promotion

If you are eligible and too busy for applying for the citizenship, then there never been a better time to apply with the peace of mind.

The lawyers of Estrin Saul are looking after the citizenship, application for a fee of 1500 dollars per applicant plus the lodging fees of government. Fee packages for families are applied.

You can contact them via email or Telephone.

The services include are as below:

  • Clear and easy instructions about the documents which you needed
  • Individual eligibility check by a lawyer
  • Lodging the application for you

How can they help

Permanent residents often do not realize that they will need to apply for the Australian citizenship or a resident return visa in order to depart and re-enter to Australia. This is particularly very complicated in cases where permanent residents are having difficulty meeting the requirements for renewing the visa or be the conferred citizenship.

There are a various number of ways in which they are helping and avoiding the loss of permanent residency status which includes:

  • Applying for citizenship by conferral, descent and under special circumstances
  • Renewing the resident return visas after a long period of absence
  • Advising and appealing the citizenship refusal on character grounds
  • Advising and appealing citizenship refusals on residence grounds
  • Whether you require the Return resident visa or wish to apply for the Australian citizenship, then their immigration experts will help you.

New WA graduate occupation list

If you have graduated from a WA university, then the new West Australian Graduate 2018 occupation list has been released.They will help with Skills Assessments.The in-house skills and the qualification assessment coordinator will advise on the prospects for obtaining the skills assessments through the Traders Recognition Australia TRA, and many other skills assessing bodies. You can contact them for more info and can arrange the consultation.

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