How can I explore north India? Important Things about north India


Explore north India is one of the popular diverse topography with wide climatic conditions and cultural beliefs that you may not be able to locate elsewhere in India. This corner of India is around 1,420,540 sq km which also in the geographical map is said to be the dominant one that covers the Himalayas to its north and the Thar Desert to its west side.

North India also shares its border with countries of Nepal, China, Bhutan, and even Pakistan. With the largest glaciers and subtropical forests, this place reserves archaeological treasures that you must explore once in your lifetime.

Explore North India:


  • Cultural Richness

Known for its deep history, North India is a perfect blend of the culture and religion with the loving people. In India, the north side is also said to be the privilege of the home for many largest mosques Jama Masjid which is located in Delhi while also for the Sikh Shrine the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab.


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  • Architectural wonders:

Talking about the wonders of North India considering architectural viewpoint, it is said to be the home for many wonders that also include the TajMahal in Agra. Other than this, there are royal City Palace in Udaipur and the HawaMahal in Jaipur that is quite popular amongst the tourists.


  • Natural trails:

For those who are not history lovers but adventure, lovers will also be not disappointed since North India has locations like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and even Uttarakhand which are known for the trekking trails.


  • Snow-clad mountains and Hilltowns:

For the toy towns that we can spend a weekend getaway, places like Dharamshala, Shimla, and Nainital are quite popular and also Kashmir which is also known to be the snow-clad mountains areas with a highest motorable pass in Ladakh make the North India complete.


  • Variety of Language:

Within India, there are so many languages but in the Northern region, there are more than a dozen linguistic groups that have been residing. On the crossing regional boundaries, other than Hindi different languages are spoken such as Kashmiri, Rajasthani, pahadi, and Awadhi to name some.

North India is one of the colorful corners of India and if you are planning for a trip to this lovely place then surely you will not be disappointed at all. It is the place where you can find different weather conditions that too at the extreme level are it rainy, winter or summer season. There is abundant natural beauty too which is quite on the extreme level been noted down. Here are some of the best ways to explore every corner of North India


  • 1 day exploring trip to Agra:

Agra is a splendid city that is said to be the home for one of the wonders TajMahal. This popular tourist destination is one of the reasons for which most of the town livers income depends. Many travelers across the globe prefer to visit Agra for the TajMahal but also for Agra Fort which is said to be the Mughal Empire symbol enhancing the beauty of the city.

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  • 3 days exploring trip to Almora:

Covered with different ancient temples, the Almora district in Uttarakhand is known to have its divine beauty. This place is also home to many well-known people in India. This unique destination can be the best place to explore the root of North India. The place has some of the best tourist locations such as Kumaon regimental center, Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kesar Devi temple to name some. Here most often travelers plan to display the historical stories of ancient India.


  • 2 days exploring trip to Kausani:

Kausani is a popular queen of Hills which is known for the dynamic beauty that you may not find elsewhere. The blanket of lusty landscapes which shows the glorious beauty makes this place even more mind-blowing. This place gives the incredible scenic view of the Himalayan peak that covers places like Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Panchchulli to name some. It is also the best place for the trekkers to explore as there are many adventure locations that one can choose from.

The dynamic & charismatic beauty of Kausani has been attracting many tourists since the time of its discovery. The green lusty landscape enhances the glorious beauty of Kausani. Kausani is the place that gives you a spectacular scenic view of Himalayan peaks which cover Trishul, Nanda Devi &Panchchulli. For trekkers, Kausani can add more adventure to their backpacking trip as you can choose to trek to Pindari glacier which is accessible from Kausani. It gives you splendid options in terms of exploration.


  • 1 day exploring trip to Amritsar:

A parade at Wagah border is worth it if you want to explore one side of North India. Amritsar is also known to be a holy city which is known for the Enchanting Golden temple. It is known to be a popular tourist spot for travelers who often place to come from different corners of the world. Another must-visit place is JalianwalaBaug where you can witness the history of awful stories that took place in the fight for Independence during British Rule.


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