Different Bridal Chuda Designs For The Brides Match Wedding Dresses

bridal chuda designs

Bridal chuda designs and wearing it is a sweet punjabi tradition where the maternal aunt and uncle of the bride gift her with a lovely bridal chura which she wears on her wedding. It is a custom to wear these chura for the first one year of their wedding. However, nowadays the modern brides don’t wear them for such a long time as it becomes uncomfortable and inconvenient during work. Still this punjabi tradition has become a crazy trend which the other brides of different castes are following too even though it is not in their tradition to follow.

The traditional chura design is of red and ivory color. The more the options the more it becomes difficult to choose the perfect bridal chura design for your wedding. You can match the color of your wedding chura with the color of your lehnga which is the ongoing trend. Even if you have bought a red lehenga, you need to look for a latest chura design which absolutely matches your lehnga as the shades may be in discord. So make sure that your brand new lovely chura are in harmony with the shade of your wedding dress. This won’t make it look odd instead they will beautify the overall look. Here we have some bridal chura images in different colors to match your wedding lehenga.

1) The stone-studded bridal chuda designs

The stone-studded chura

These traditional chura look even more beautiful with the silvershining stone. What can be more eye-catching than shiny silver on your wedding day? Make sure to look for beautiful designs in silver stones as there are endless options for such designs. Such designs help to make the chura more pretty and fancy.

2) Gulabo bridal chuda designs


If you are the girl who has loved pink color since childhood and wish to wear a pink chura then this design is for you. Yes! You can wear a pink chura if you are going to wear a pink lehenga. Obviously, a red chura won’t match with your pink lehenga and would not add as much grace to it as the pink chura will. Girls even wear green chura to match their green lehnga so don’t feel guilty of choosing pink over the traditional red. Such chura are easily available in big stores or online.

3) The minimal Red bridal chuda designs

The minimal Red

If you don’t want your churas to be all red then you can choose this chura design which has very less red color. All which glitters is the ivory or silver whatever you wish for. This chura has less red bangles and more ivory or silver kadas (broad bangles). If you think that this chura will compliment your lehenga with the required grace then go for this one.

4) The wine color bridal chuda designs

The wine color

If you have chosen a wine colored lehenga for yourself then this chura design with the work of stone will match your lehenga in the perfect way. Such beautiful shades are available easily but may vary from store to store.

5) Light pink bridal chuda designs

Light pink Chura

Nowadays the brides like to wear colors that are too loud and give a sophisticated yet stunning look. Such light pink colored lehengas are in trend and therefore it calls for matching churas.

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