Whenever we are traveling, the biggest issue we have is what to carry to wear. If you are a female traveler, the concern is one step higher because maintaining the fashion trend also plays an essential role in our decision about what to carry when we travel. Seven simple travel outfits that are evergreen classic and completely in verse with the trend of 2019’s fashion includes


1. Jacket

Bomber jacket 3

A jacket never goes out of trend. They have a multipurpose use for sure, but they are stylish too when paired with the right outfit. It is best to carry two jackets. A Hooded jacket and a Bomber Jacket are the two to have in your travel bag for sure.

A hooded jacket or sweatshirt is a must because it not only keeps you warm but can be worn for any casual meet and greet session without feeling outdated. A bright colored hooded sweat or jacket with quotes and a psychedelic print is always in the trend without fail. Better be safe than sorry. Right?

A Bomber jacket or a Biker jacket has an exquisite and tough look that compliments any outfit, be it casual or formal. Teaming a biker jacket with a plain t-shirt and jeans can be as fashionable as teaming it with a black dress.  Classic Black is the color that suits any and every outfit without clashing.


2. Yoga pants

Yoga pants are safe, comfortable and can be used as sleepwear as well as for your morning jogging or gym routine. Currently, it is Black Yoga pants that are in fashion. They also can be teamed with any upper wear to give a casual but fashionable outlook.

Teaming these light, breathable fabric yoga pants up with high heels instead of the sports shoes gives the entire outfit an effortlessly glamorous appearance too.

Wear them when you’re flying or when you’re traveling by road, instead of leggings under your tunics or dresses. Use them as loungewear after a long and tiring day of sightseeing too.


3. Blue Slim Jeans

Blue Slim Jeans 3

Let’s face it. We all know how great a pair of jeans can be when traveling. Not just trendy, comfy and casual, jeans are also versatile enough to be teamed with anything. Mid waist slim blue jeans are perfect all year round and undoubtedly in fashion all the time.

Wear them during the day, in any season to any place you go without worrying. You may choose to travel to a hot desert or too cold mountains or even the wetlands but dress in a pair of jeans as it’s not just perfect for the kind of holiday you’re going to have but is also extremely practical wear.

Besides, if you’re into fashion wear, 2019 still holds blue jeans in high esteem. So, take along a pair of blue jeans with you, no matter where you may travel this year.


4. LBD

If you are wondering what an LBD is, then you surely don’t know what a powerful weapon it is for women. You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress or what’s more famously known as LBD. It’s an absolute must for any travel plan, particularly if your evenings are sometimes going to be formal dos.

A typical LBD suits women of any complexion, figure, size or age and is a classic style that can never go out of fashion. Wear it above the knee or below, team it up with a jacket or a stole or wear it elegantly with a string of pearls and you’ll be the cynosure of all eyes, you can be sure.

For your 2019 travel plan an LBD is a safe and a sure fashion statement in any part of the world.


5. T-shirts

T-Shirt for traveling women

If a fresh and casual look is what you’re aiming for, what could be better than a T-shirt? A classic white T-shirt over blue jeans is something that never goes out of style. In fact, there are certain t-shirts that even make you appear a few years younger than you are.

In 2019 one of the most common T-shirt patterns that are bound to make waves comprise abstract prints and Nature Prints. With the Avenger series coming to an end, Superhero t-shirts seem to be the fashion of the season this entire year.

K-Pop bands have been making quite a statement all over the globe in the last 2 yrs, an since their popularity does not seem to be dimming, t-shirts inspired by these K-Pop bands are also going to be quiet in trend this entire year for sure.


6.  Large Scarf

An infinity scarf is in the trend this season. However, scarves are so modifiable and versatile that they can fit into various styles and patterns according to your needs.  They are classic and very versatile in use because they can be teamed with any outfit without making it look fringy or odd.

A prevalent trend that has been in fashion this year is the Scarf shrugs and wrap around sarongs. Instead of buying them brand new from the stores, we can do it even at home if we have a good sewing machine and an overlock machine using an old scarf.


7. Tops

Tops might sound similar to a T-shirt, but they definitely can support various looks from casual to chic to formal to laidback. You name it, and a top can work wonder with your idea. There are numerous types of Tops available in the market, so choosing the perfect one for your 2019 travel plan is essential.

Cold Shoulders, Split Sleeves, Ruffles, and Puffed Shoulders have been in the news since late 2018, so it won’t be a surprise if the trend lasts until the end of 2019 too.

These seven outfits are perfect for your travel plan in 2019. They are stylish and completely in trend with any and every situation, be it a casual date or an expensive dinner date. Travel in style in 2019 without worrying about your dressing style because the seven classic outfits mentioned above will not fail you for sure.