Link building is one of those backlink strategy that had been used by all website owners, especially when it comes to eCommerce SEO websites. Even after every Google algorithm updates, it has been used widely because of its good outcomes. Here it should be noted that the links that are coming from high-quality content are much better than that of links coming from low quality and irrelevant content. 

Have a look at these backlink strategy for ecommerce platforms to create an online e-commerce platform in 2020 SEO that will shoot up the ranking in no time!!!

  • Steal competitor’s backlinks 

Yes, you are reading it right. Stealing a competitor’s linking sites is one of the best ways to rank higher. Analyze the present quality links on the website and get ready to replicate it. Following a competitor’s backlinks is a good way to rank without putting many efforts.  

  • Broken link test

It is important to look for broken links if you want to save the ranking of your website. A broken link present on your website could ruin the user’s web surfing experience. There are several numbers of reasons present out there that are the reason for the broken link, but one thing is sure that broken links can damage the ranking of your website. It can damage the user experience as well as the reputation of a website. 

First of all, you need to find your target website and then find out if they have broken links. 

  • Find the target website: 

Make sure you are realistic while collating websites. You should not reach the websites where there is no chance of even getting a reply, so be realistic in your mind. Make sure you look for websites your company’s where you can directly communicate with the owner of the website. 

So, first of all, decide the target websites. 

  • Broken link test

Once you have decided on a list of target websites, then and it is your task to check each of them in turn for broken links. There are several free SEO tools and software available that are used to check present broken links on the page. If you find any broken link, just make a note of the referring page and its link destination. 

  • Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the fantastic strategies to use for link building we know about. Guest posting is not only used to create awesome content but as well as you are ready to forge good partnerships with other companies. To grow in a better way, it is essential to build healthy relationships with the leaders of the other industries. 

  • Prospect your niche 

Prospect the niche just by entering keywords into Google search. Then a result page will be shown according to the keywords. Then save all the relevant URLs present in the result page. 

  • Reach out 

Reach out them with the things that you can offer them and how it would be beneficial for them as well. Reach out to those and make sure both parties agree with a schedule. Make sure the deal should be beneficial for both parties. 

  • Create engaging content 

Guest post is one of the best ways to create engaging content. Just create the content and deliver it on time. Submit the article or the content and be flexible if there is a need for certain changes to make. Be ready to correct those changes. 

  • Build relationships 

Now, it is time to build relationships by posting these articles on social media to reach out to more and more people. 

  • Data-driven content 

Having engaging content at your website is the foundation of the good reputation of the website in the market, just like a good link building. Both the link-building and creating good content is equally important. The data can be used to grab the attention of the people towards it. After all, the main purpose of a website is to grab the attention of the visitors. If you have engaging and attractive content on your website, the higher are the chances that you will generate good leads on your website. 

Bottom line: Use these eCommerce SEO strategies to bring the website on the first page. These backlink strategy are used to rank the website at the top of the search engine result page.