Ayurvedic Remedies for Food Allergy


You can prepare any Ayurvedic Remedy for Food Allergy at your home by using natural ingredients from the kitchen and it will help relieve the symptoms.

Carrot Juice and Cucumber Juice

It is a very effective treatment for food allergies. These natural home remedies can save from a fatal infection. Thinking about the severity avoiding the food allergy altogether. Prevention is better than treatment, therefore.


Yoga can help reduce various allergic reactions from the body. You need a trained yoga instructor to help you perform all the yoga poses that can help the problem of sensitive stomachs.


When you add lime juice to water put some honey into it. It will work as a powerful detoxifying substance inside the body. If you drink this mixture for a few weeks straight, then it will flush out the toxins from the body.

Vitamin E-rich foods

Vitamin E can help boost the immune system of the body and can help build strength. Some foods that are rich in Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, avocado, olive oil, rainbow trout, broccoli.

Castor Oil

It helps to coat your stomach and reduce the severe effects of allergic reaction that might be caused due to eating certain kinds of food. Drink castor oil in small amounts every morning on an empty stomach (preferably put 5-10 drops of castor oil in a cup of water).

Vitamin C Oil

It helps to improve the health of the immune system which might be affected due to the allergic reaction. Make sure that you are not allergic to any kind of vegetables and fruits that can help to boost your system.

Activated Charcoal

It can help save from the allergic reactions that can break down the proteins. If you mix it with water or a sweetened juice solution that can help regulate the digestive system.


It can relieve the symptoms of allergic reactions that might be caused due to eating certain kinds of food. Bananas can help reduce the skin rashes and provide relief from the stomach discomfort; it can also help to regulate the body’ metabolism. Eating bananas in moderation will help to treat the severity of allergic reactions and avoid it to become a serious matter.

Probiotic-Rich Foods

Foods rich in probiotic help support the immune system and can repair the damaged intestinal lining of the stomach. There is various kind of fermented foods like kimchi, natto, yogurt, raw cheese, sauerkraut, kefir, miso and kombucha will help to boost the immune system. Probiotics rich food can also reduce the oversensitivity of the body that can lead to allergy symptoms.

Coconut Oil

It can be used as the best alternative for cow’s milk as it is a liquid that is naturally found in the mature coconuts. Coconut milk is completely free from lactose, soy, grains, nuts, dairy so, it is a great option for anyone that is allergic to nut allergies, soy, dairy and is lactose intolerant.


Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds and all the seeds that make a very healthy snack and is also healthy. You can put these seeds in your salad, snack, smoothie bowls, oats, etc. Seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, just like nuts that are the common allergens. For example, flaxseed includes vitamin, B1, manganese, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and proteins.

Almond Butter

This is for people who are allergic to peanuts. Almond is an is a healthy alternative for peanuts and there are various health benefits for eating peanuts. Almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids and contain filling fiber, protective and unique phytosterol antioxidants, vitamins like trace minerals and riboflavin minerals, such as magnesium.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, arugula, collard greens, watercress are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. When you add leafy green vegetables to your diet it will help to boost your immune system and aid detoxification. Eating more and more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis can help relieve allergy symptoms.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Food Allergy is the most natural way through which you can achieve good health and save yourself from symptoms of food allergy.